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The student news site of Fort Worth Country Day

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The student news site of Fort Worth Country Day

Falcon Quill

Bringing Smiles to FWCD

Julia Clinkscale and Caroline Homan December 3, 2021

The Smile Club, formed by Caroline Sanders '23, Jilli Carson '23, and Rogan Crumley '22, gives FWCD students the opportunity to spread joy throughout the Fort Worth community. Watch one of the meetings,...

New US Faculty Welcomed

Cristiana Collins, Reese Packer, and Caroline King November 8, 2021

Find out what Siousxie Easter, Keith Burns, and Dr. Erica Carswell think about their new job and why they chose FWCD.

Feeder Fan Reviews

Sebastian Salazar, Video Reporter October 22, 2021

The Feeder is back. After a very hard year, we're ready to try the best snacks the Falcon Feeder has to offer. Sebastian Salazar '22 and Jake Lauderdale '23 try the students' favorite orders and rate them...

NEIGHborhood Horror

On the way to the Vermont food festival, Vee's car breaks down. He and his friends find a house nearby full of terror.

Aether’s Rise to Fame

Ethan McBee stars as a young kid with big aspirations who is trying to make it into the music industry. He believes his beats are the next big thing and so does his best friend Jerry Simpson, played by...

A Final Farewell to Mr. Stephens

Caroline Homan and Julia Clinkscale May 19, 2021

After 15 years leading the Middle School, John Stephens is leaving FWCD. Join his colleagues and students to hear about the influence and legacy he is leaving behind. Thank you, Mr. Stephens, for making...

Finding the Best Sandwich Shop of All Time

Davis Moten, Harold Johnson, and Jake Lauderdale April 28, 2021

The fellas scour the city of Fort Worth in search of the best sandwich spot around town. They also give their personal ratings on each spot, and get outside opinions from other students.

The Elements of Mrs. Alvear

Spontaneous, unexpected, mountain lion. Those are the words that many use to describe US science teacher Christy Alvear. Learn more about Mrs. Alvear and her opinions on fighting students, her best teacher...

PAIL Cooking Video: How to Make Snacks In Your Dorm Room

George Soye, Charlie Bynum April 6, 2021

Whitney White, Sage Senior Food Service Director, shared quick and easy recipes for our graduating seniors to try in their dorm rooms next year. This is a continuing series of videos for Practical Arts...


FWCD Video class, Editor March 30, 2021

Shaun is a boy with dreams of making it to the NBA one day, but first he must overcome his coach's unconventional methods in order to defeat one of the greatest talents the world has ever seen. Shaun has...

Randy Shaw helps explain to the seniors how to charge a car battery.

Senior Class Learns Life Lessons through PAIL Program

As seniors prepare to leave home for college, there's a fine set of skills their advisors would like them to have. Hence the PAIL program. Practical Arts and Independent LivingĀ  helps our seniors, during...

We know water was the cause of death... but who poisoned it?

A Plot that Kills Vee

We know that Vee Johnson is dead. Whodunnit? As part of the film noir genre, we know who dies, but the storytelling is in the how and why. Follow each of our video students as they each have their own...

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