Falcon Quill

Food Wars Part?

November 17, 2020

George Soye '22, along with co-journalists Charlie Bynum '22 and Coleman Hanson '22, travels the streets of Fort Worth in search of the best taco. Soye reports their takes on the tacos from two places,...

Scary Short

Coleman Hanson '22 produces scary short film during quarantine
November 13, 2020

James Hanson '28 hangs out at home during the quarantine. However, after a power outage, he realizes that he isn't alone.

Horror in McGregor Mannor

While George Soye '22 is in quarantine, an unwanted guest arrives, looking for a meal
November 11, 2020

George Soye '22 comes home from a long day of school to an empty pizza box. The horror does not stop there. As he goes upstairs and starts to settle down, he hears a loud crash and decides to check it...

Former FWA Students, Now Falcons, Share with Prospective Students

November 9, 2020

Follow along as we take a journey through the FWCD campus and listen to our classmates talk about their experience transitioning from Fort Worth Academy to FWCD. Beau Poitevent '21, Nate Webster '21, Viktor...

Welcome Back 2020 (Corona Edition)

November 5, 2020

Sebastian Salazar '22 takes you through a school day during COVID-19. During this adventure, you'll experience the protocols at FWCD.

Chatting with the Class of 2033

October 29, 2020

Julia Clinkscale '23 and Caroline Homan '23 get to know the class of 2033, and all of the things they love about FWCD. This video was also sent to prospective parents as part of a virtual admissions event.

COVID-19 Changes Daily Life

October 16, 2020

Will Bruce '23  and Harold Johnson '23 take us through new experiences relating to new school protocols.

Clearfork Offers New Entertainment Attractions

January 22, 2019

Ben Dike ('19) gives an insightful tour of The Shops at Clearfork. Take a journey exploring the vast and prodigious complex of Fort Worth's hottest new merchandise.  

The Chicken Plucker, Video Version: The Tarps

New tarps were installed this fall over the theater corridor.
December 7, 2018

New tarps were recently installed over the theater corridor, in the space between the theater, and the choir and ballet rooms. Are they there to provide shade? Shelter from the rain? What is their...

Reilly Clark ’17 Explains Nickname: “Cheesenuts”

May 8, 2015

If you want to hear the insight on Reilly Clark's nickname "Cheesenuts" then watch this amazing backstory.

Choreographing for a Cause

April 23, 2015

Isabella Goetz '15 and Mary Barber '15 have been in charge of Choreography for a Cause this year and have been working with the girls at the Bethlehem Center. Check out this fun video of the girls' dancing...

Marshall Dike ’16 Elected Student Body President

April 21, 2015

Marshall Dike will take over the position of Student Body President for the 2015-16 school year from the former president, Katherine Haley '15. But he had some stiff competition. Hear some parts of the...

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