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Harold Johnson
Harold Johnson
Video Reporter

Yoooooooo what up, is ja boy Harry here. My first name is also one letter so I'm very cool, and whenever I'm not grinding offline 2k I enjoy starting in football when Hunter and Corey aren't there.  My...

Jilli Carson
Skiing in Colorado
Jilli Carson, Reporter • February 4, 2021
Contrary to popular belief, this photo of Marshall Lehman was not taken in 2020, but in January 2019 after his famous Flu Game.
The Real Flu Game
Marshall Lehman, Reporter • January 30, 2021
Seniors pose for a picture in their jumpers before practice
Field Hockey Nostalgia
Jilli Carson, Reporter • January 24, 2021
Camp Carnival 2019
Things COVID-19 Took From Me: Camp Edition
Caroline Sanders, Social Media and Advertisement Editor • January 22, 2021
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Meet the Staff
Jack Mezey
Jack Mezey
Online Editor, News Editor

Jack Mezey is a sophomore who has been at FWCD since sixth grade. He enjoys playing baseball and trying and failing at fantasy football. He gets up at 8 a.m. every Sunday for whichever Formula One Grand...