Falcon Quill

Sam Elkind
"he's wise."

"yeah Mrs. Wallace, we need another admin."

"(confused singing) yeah I don't know."

"Mrs. Wallace, we NEED admin."

"Mrs. Wallace it's gonna be a good year."



"Did he actually go."

"I hate you."

"I'm kidding Ned I love you."

"The movie is gonna be SO good."

"I wrote it, me wrote, we wrote, William and me wrote it."


"We can stay here for a little bit ;)"

"*beeping noises*"

"it's so annoying"

"Mrs. Wallace WE'RE DOING IT (laughs)"

"(rapping) Yo what's up Ned, he's got a fat head"

"it's just NOT centered"

"shut up, it's this one"


"what's so funny (catches on)"

"is it for me?"


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Sam Elkind, Video Editor

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