The Weeknd’s Return to AT&T Stadium


The stage as The Weeknd was signing Blinding Lights. Photo by Megan Magruder ’23

Megan Magruder, Business and Advertising Editor

The Weeknd made his triumphant return to the North Texas stage with his After Hours Til Dawn Tour, selling out AT&T Stadium. It was his first performance back in the area since 2017. He shot to fame after his album in 2015 and has only gotten bigger from there. The Weeknd is known for his eccentric personality and every one of his performances includes something new and adventurous. 

The doors opened up and then began as the clock struck 6:30 p.m. Originally the opener was going to be Grammy-winning singer Doja Cat, but she dropped out of the tour a few weeks before the first concert due to throat surgery. So, the concert producers improvised and were able to get DJ Mike Dean and singer Snoh Aelegra. I am going to say it: Mike Dean was not what I was expecting. I was unaware that he only performed “house music” and the only way I can describe house music is a mix of aggressive beats and loud noises. How I would sum it up was a headache. Along with Dean’s fascinating set, there were electric lights that made me feel like a seizure. All I have to say is that I had never been so happy when the set ended. 

However, Snoh Aelegra’s set was beautiful. She really did make up for Dean’s set. Allegra is a Swedish R&B singer and as of this year, she was nominated for two Grammys. Her set began with the lights set low, with just her and her background dancers. She sang 11 of her songs, my favorite of hers is “Toronto.” Her set was done beautifully with a lot of grace and talent.

It was now time for the real reason that AT&T Stadium was completely sold out; The Weeknd’s performance was beginning. The show started with a bang. The Weeknd came onto the stage surrounded by his backup dancers that were in all-red outfits. At first glance I thought that the dancers were paying homage to “The Handmaid’s Tale,” but the two had no connection. He started his set off with “Alone Again” from his album “After Hours.” His first song set the tone for the rest of the concert. 

“I have always really liked his music but hearing him perform live made me appreciate his music even more. His voice sounds so much better in person,” Ben Blahitka ‘23 said.

The special effects are what really made the concert spectacular. Throughout the concert, there were outfit changes, light shows, and a full set of a destroyed city on the stage. The light shows were absolutely stunning, for every song the lights would change the color and direction they were going in. The set of the destroyed city was where The Weeknd came out to begin the concert. After his entrance onto the stage, the city was used as a backdrop for the rest of his set. 

“Everything about the concert was so great I loved everything about it. ,” Angel Jones ‘23 said.

Throughout the show, The Weeknd played hits such as “Take My Breath,” “Starboy,” and “Blinding Lights.” Then, he also played some of his less famous songs such as “Low Life,” “Out of Time,” and “Faith,” ll of which were beautifully sung. 

The Weeknd’s entire set lasted around 1 hour and 45 minutes. After “Less Than Zero,” his final song, the entire audience demanded an encore. Sadly, the show ended and the crowd headed out. Everyone leaving was filled with enthusiasm after watching such a great performance.

Overall, I would rate the concert a 9/10. The only reason that it lost one point was due to the opener, DJ Mike Dean. But the stage, performances, and light design were something to be in awe of. I will definitely be going back to another one of The Weeknd’s concerts, which will not be until his next album comes out.