Brain Buddies Update


Madeline Mehall

Upper school students play with Lower schoolers by the Caring Bridge

Madeline Mehall, Life and Arts Editor

Last year, Lily Hyde ‘24 founded Brain Buddies in August 2021, and the organization is back and has grown dramatically. There are 133 members from the Upper School and 79 fourth graders.

The club focuses on educating fourth graders about the brain. The upper school members sign up and go to the fourth-grade classes and play games with them and talk about the brain, and also grow a relationship with their lower school buddies. 

The club had its first kickoff and planning meeting on September 12. They catered Chick-fil-A and groups were assigned by the fourth-grade teacher’s classes. 

“It was fun to get to be with the upper schoolers because we don’t normally get to be with them,” Natalie Rogers ‘31 said.

The upper schoolers and fourth graders took personality quizzes before the first meeting on September 14. During this meeting, the buddies got to know each other, played a few games, and spent time with each other. 

Thomas Malone ‘31 loves Brain Buddies. 

“We got to play all of these games and it was something we had never done before and made school more fun,” Malone said.

The upper schoolers also love Brain Buddies. 

“I really like Brain Buddies because it allows me to interact with lower schoolers and play games with them, and eventually teach them about the brain,” Alyssa Rollings ‘25 said. 

The next meeting is Friday, December 2 during US announcements, and the plan for the meeting is to meet with the fourth graders, and catch up, then play a game for them to learn about the functions of the brain.