A Midsummer Night’s Dream Takes the Stage


The fairies are serving Bottom in the woods while the lovers are sleeping. Photo courtesy of Harini Mukka.

Caroline Carmichael, Sports Editor

20 students will be starring in this year’s fall play A Midsummer Night Dream, a comedy by William Shakespeare. It will be performed Friday November 11th and Saturday the 12th at 7pm as well as Sunday the 13th at 12 pm in the Scott Theatre.

This will be Upper School Theatre Director Siouxsie Easter’s second production at Fort Worth Country Day, and she is very excited to see it come together. 

“The production elements, set, lights, sound, costumes, hair, and makeup are awesome,” Easter said. “It is amazing to watch the students go from knowing very little about Shakespeare to being able to beautifully speak the language.”

Some of the dialogue can be difficult to understand. 

“The language is always a challenge. The students have worked hard to research and understand what they are saying. Once it clicked, it clicked, and they are doing so well with it,” Easter said. 

Eric Tysinger, Scott Theater Manager; Chelsy Beninate, Director of Fine Arts; and Valorie Flaherty, Middle School Art and Theater are FWCD faculty that helped with the production. Some additional guest artists are Bob Lavallee with set design, Rob Crane with lighting design, former FWCD teacher Tricia Franks with costume design, and Patricia DelSordo with wig and makeup design. Additionally, CAST (Creative Arts Students and Teachers fundraising effort), parents, and the student cast will be providing their help. 

“So many people help out; it is wonderful,” Easter said. 

If there is anything that Easter wants people to know about A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it is this: 

“It goes from beautiful poetry to crazy comedy to love to madness in moments,” Easter said.  

“Don’t be afraid that you won’t understand Shakespeare. This show is fun and great for people of all ages,” Easter said. 

It has provided a tremendous amount of community within the cast and has brought many students together. 

“It’s an amazing group of people. We make hilarious memories that will be cherished forever, and friendships that will last a lifetime,”  Olivia Kersh ‘24 said. Kersh plays Helena. 

The play’s participants have been working very hard and cannot wait for people to come out and watch it. 

“I really liked the play, and I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new people while stepping out of my comfort zone and finding confidence where I didn’t think that I would find it,” James Thomas ‘24 said. Thomas plays Demetrius. 

Make sure to come out and support all of the students that are starring or helping behind the scenes with the play. This year’s sound board and lights are being student led and run, so make sure to pay attention to that aspect of the play as well. 

The play details the story of four Athenians running away to the forest, and a fairy making both of the guys fall in love with the same girl. 

Make sure to catch the play November 11 and 12th at 7pm and the 13th at 12pm all in the Scott Theatre. Tickets can be purchased at https://search.seatyourself.biz/webstore/accounts/fwcds/buy-tix?d=0 and are only five dollars.