The Stars Aligned With Katie Walker


Katie Walker

Katie Walker hiking with her dog.

Vianey Frias, Reporter

She was bored, looking for the next step in her life. She’s tried everything from working as a family therapist to working in a nonprofit foster organization. There was something missing – but she didn’t know what. She had heard from somebody that a private school in Fort Worth was looking for a counselor. The more she looked into it, the more she realized that this was going to be her future. The new Upper School counselor of Fort Worth Country Day, Katie Walker.

“My dad and my brother are both teachers and my dad’s been a teacher for a very long time,” Walker said. “I think the education system had been calling my name for a long time, whether I wanted to or not. The stars kind of aligned in that way. I heard that the position was open, and I was open to looking into it.”

In April of 2022, Kathy Roemer announced her departure after years of working at Country Day, where she had done everything and more. She led the Link Crew program and helped lead IDEA, all while being the Upper School Counselor. She impacted many of the students and will always have a special place in FWCD. Although Roemer is gone, now working at Greenhill School in Dallas, Walker continues to follow her fond memories and relationships with students.

“Ms. Walker has been such a great addition to our community,” Nicole Masole, Director of Community Engagement and Inclusion, said. “I love that when I walk by her office, there’s always a multitude of students there. Because I really do feel like she continues to create an environment where students feel that they are welcomed there and that they are respected and valued in so many different ways.” 

One of Walker’s goals is to continue the legacy that Roemer had while adding her “own flair.” She believes that Roemer was a really important person on campus and hopes to achieve that. So far, she is working on getting to know everybody and introducing herself. One of the ways she achieves this is Link Crew. A program led by herself, Christy Alvear, US Science, and many juniors and seniors, Link Crew works on helping freshmen and new students transition into the Upper School as they get advice from their peers on how to survive.

“I think it’s great, she brings her clinical experience to the program,” Alvear said. “With the Link Crew leaders, we’re focusing more on how to react to ninth graders and how to listen to ninth graders. And I think she’s given the Link Crew leaders very good advice.” 

Walker is very enthusiastic about working with the Fort Worth Country Day family.

“I’m just really excited to work here. I’ve really loved all of the students that I’ve met and interacted with so far, and I feel like it’s a privilege to be able to be with you guys every day,” Walker said.