Fort Worth is Kraving K-Town


Lainey Liberto '25

All of the K-Town Corn Dogs and the packaging in Quill class.

Lainey Liberto and Elizabeth Dike

If you are looking for a place to eat a fun and different corn dog, then K-Town Hot Dogs is the place for you. 

Right around the corner, in the Hulen Mall, there are two other Korean corn dog restaurants: Two Hands Corn Dogs and Yummy Corn Cup & Wassup Dog. The three stores seem to be located closely near each other and they also seem to sell the same food. 

K-Town Hot Dogs’ store is quite small. There are elevated tables with chairs and a TV with music playing for entertainment. The store was pretty clean and looked nice.

K-Town has a large menu for their corn dog selections. The first step to ordering one of their corn dogs is picking the outside crust. They offer 8 different crusts to choose from. Their first crust is their original K-Town Crust which is $4.19. The rest of the crusts cost $5.19 and include:  a Spicy Cheeto crust with spicy mayo on top; a Potato crust; a Ramen crust with ramen noodles on top; a Korean Soybean Powder crust with Sweet Condensed Milk; a Takoyaki crust with Japanese mayonnaise, seaweed, and bonito flakes; a Volcano Sweet Potato crust; and a Pizza Dog crust with tomato sauce, parsley, and garlic powder on the top.

Jack Mezey ’23 eating the Potato Korean Corn Dog. (Lainey Liberto ’25)

 K-Town’s next step to making your corn dog is having you pick an inside filling. They offer 5 fillings for your corn dog: Premium All Beef Sausage (pork or beef), Whole Mozzarella Cheese, Half Meat (pork or beef) and Half Mozzarella Cheese, Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese and Sausage, and Premium Beef. Their Premium All Beef Sausage (pork or beef) are .50 cents extra to your corn dog crust. Their Whole Mozzarella Cheese, Half Meat (pork or beef) and Half Mozzarella Cheese, and Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese are all 80 cents extra to your corn dog crust. Lastly, their Premium Beef is .90 cents extra to your corn dog crust of choice. 

K-Town also has a Limited Time only menu that has two items on it. Their first item is a Korean Rice Cake and Vienna Sausage Skewer which is $3.99. Their second and last thing on their limited time menu is a Churro hotdog/ corn dog with cinnamon sugar on top. The Churro corn dog costs $3.99.


I went to K-Town with my friends Maragaret Watler ‘24 and Claire Dodson ‘24 and we ordered their Spicy Cheeto crust corn dog filled with whole mozzarella and a potato crust corn dog filled with whole mozzarella. The Cheeto corn dog was very spicy and very messy, but it was good. I rate the Spicy Cheeto corn dog with mozzarella 7.5/10. The potato crust corn dog with mozzarella was delectable. It was a little dry so we added some mustard onto it for some more flavor. 

“I liked the Potato corn dog a lot more than the Spicy Cheeto corn dog because it was not as spicy and messy as the Cheeto corn dog,” Watler said. 


I had never had K-Town corn dogs, so I brought 8 flavors to the journalism class for  everyone to try with me. I bought the Original, Spicy Cheeto, Potato, Ramen Crust, Korean Soybean Powder, Takoyaki, Volcano Sweet Potato, and the Pizza corn dog. Most of the corn dogs were filled with beef or whole mozzarella cheese. The class favorites were the Potato corn dog which we rated a 8/10 and the Original corn dog which we rated a 7.5/10. The class enjoyed getting to try a new food and having a treat in the middle of the school day. The Ramen corn dog was 5.3/10 because it had too much ramen flavor. The Spicy Cheeto was good but not too overpowering and we rated it a 7.2/10. The Korean Soybean Powder was really good but had interesting seasonings and the Volcano Sweet Potato corn dog was mediocre because it was dry. We enjoyed the packaging and presentation. In each box there were three corn dogs and they were all nicely put into the boxes. 

“I liked the Original corn dog with whole mozzarella cheese inside of the corn dog because it had a lot of good flavor,” Audra Thomas ‘25 said. “It was fun to get to enjoy a nice treat in the middle of Quill class.”

K-Town Hot Dogs was a good experience and we recommend trying the corn dogs for a fun new treat. K-Town is affordable and we believe it is worth the money for the corn dogs. 

K-Town Hot Dogs has 5 other locations: in Irving, TX; Colleyview, TX; Carrollton, TX; Sugarland, TX; and Oklahoma City, OK. K-Town Hot Dogs plans to expand and open more locations in the upcoming years.

K-Town Hot Dogs is located on 4940 Overton Ridge Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas 76132 and is open from 11:30-9:00 Monday through Sunday. K- Town Hot Dogs is located next to Pro Tailor and Sushi Tao.