“Who is the Mole?”



Vianey Frias ’25 enjoying Netflix series, The Mole.

Jayda Fulp and Vianey Frias

“The Mole,” hosted by Anderson Cooper on ABC, was a reality game show in 2001 that  was rebooted on Netflix. It’s a high stakes game of intricate thinking and problem-solving to find who the mole is.

There are 12 players that have to work together in order to add money to the prize funds, but they can also lose money if they don’t finish the challenge.

The show takes place in Australia, mainly in Queensland. 

Alex Wagner is an American journalist who hosts the “The Mole” series. She is also a host of the Alex Wagner Tonight show on MSNBC, and an author of the books “FutureFace: A Family Mystery,” “Epic Quest,” and “The Secret to Belonging.”

She is an amazing host. Her enthusiasm is awesome because she is always planning new adventures for the players to think through.

The host takes the players along on different adventures with one goal: to find the mole. One day they could be in a grimy jail and the next in a mysterious science building. 

Each mission relies on different skills,such as running seven miles, counting money, or even diving under deep waters to find their prize. However, the mole is constantly working against them by sabotaging their missions and losing the rest of the player’s money. 

The players suspect each other of being the mole; however, the mole will stay among them throughout the entire game. The players have to rely on getting to know each other and watching each other’s strategies to determine how to stay safe from the mole.

Sandy Ronquillo is one of the 12 players that competed to win the money in “The Mole.” She is from Fort Worth, and has lived here all her life, even after the show’s ending. 

Her life wasn’t always perfect. When she was seven, her mom was abducted and she was raised by her father for the rest of her life. Sandy is a perfect candidate for “The Mole” because despite the fact that it has been two decades since her mother’s disappearance, she continues to search for her and keep hope.

“I do think people underestimate me,” Ronquillo said. “I mean, they just see a little girl from Texas.”

At the end of every mission, each player will take a 20-question quiz that contains a variety of questions about who the mole is. Whoever has the most incorrect answers on the quiz gets eliminated from the game immediately. So, the players must build strong friendships to stay in the game.

One of the many reasons why we loved this show so much was because of how much critical thinking and strategy it required. It was interesting to watch the players interact with each other knowing that one of them is hiding a big secret.

We highly recommend this new Netflix series because the audience may also jump in to find the mole as well. If you want to know who the mole is, it is best to watch the show for yourself and figure out who the mysterious mole could be.