Definitively Ranking the FWCD Bathrooms


Charlotte Comeaux '24

At least all of the bathrooms have doors.

Charlotte Comeaux, Reporter

There are many bathrooms across campus, and some are better than others. Some reek, and some have poor water pressure. Some are cramped and musty, and others are spacious. Many bathrooms are well designed, but there are a few that could be designed much better. I ranked these bathrooms from 1-10, factoring in everything from lighting to flooding toilets.

1. The Art Building

The art building bathroom tiles are nice, it has bright lighting, and has a bench along the stall-less wall. The bathroom counter is pretty and rarely covered in water. The water pressure from the faucet could be better because it takes extra-long to wash your hands, which is annoying.

“This bathroom is amazing,” said Rhea Alexander ‘24.

2. Martin Campus Center

The Martin Campus Center bathrooms are also nice and have the same materials as the art building. The tiles and countertops are the same and the iced-windows are nice natural light sources that are included in both bathrooms. It also has the same water pressure problem as the Art Building sink. This bathroom does not have a bench and is also a bit more cramped. Therefore, it goes in the second place ranking.

3. The Middle School Commons

The Commons bathroom is large for being in the center of the middle school, but it’s squished in between the stairs, the front office, and the middle school exits. The color coordination is a nice touch, but the faucets are still lacking in the water-pressure department.

4. Fischer Dining Pavilion

The FDP’s bathrooms are giant. Fun fact, the hot lunch line is always backed up because where the bathrooms are was supposed to be a second hot lunch line so there would be eight lines instead of four. However, they forgot to build a bathroom into the building so they replaced the second hot food area with a bathroom.

Anyways, there are so many stalls in the bathroom which is nice, and there are three sinks, which is also amazing. The bathroom has an interesting aroma, and the room in general reminds me a little bit too much of the back rooms. Therefore, it gets the fourth place ranking.

5. The Patton Field House

The Field House has multiple stalls and nice sinks. It also has a counter with a massive mirror which is nice for getting ready. The showers are really nice and the locker rooms are giant. However, the toilets flood all the time.

6. The Moncrief Library 

When I first toured the school in 2015, I went to the Moncrief Library Bathroom. I turned on the faucet to wash my hands and was sprayed by the water. There was way too much water pressure and I was soaked. It is also very dimly lit and ominous, so I usually avoid the bathroom there if I can.

(They have since fixed this issue and now we can all wash our hands in peace.)

7. Middle School (regular) 

Both the upstairs and downstairs Middle School bathrooms are built the same way. They are spacious and well-lit, but they have a certain aroma to them that I don’t think can be febreezed away. The bathroom has housed many living beings, including crickets during the cricket infestation and mice when the mice raid lockers.

“You never really know what you’re going to find in there,” said Gigi Shueneman ‘26.

8. Gym Locker Room

The Gym Locker Room bathrooms(usually used by the Middle School) are pretty bad. One of the stall doors does not have one of those locking systems. The tile is pretty musty, and the entirety of the bathroom is just old. The showers are old as well and I don’t feel like anyone actually uses them.

9. The Science Building 

The Upper School Science Building bathroom is one of the worst on campus, without a doubt. The walls look like those of a chainsmoker’s home, and the toilets are visibly old. The bathroom is larger than the worst bathroom, which is its only perk. 

10. The Upper School 

This bathroom is by far the worst bathroom on campus.

It is extremely cramped, there is carpeting in the entrance to the bathroom, and for years there was a dead moth in the tampon/pad dispenser. The bathroom frequently breaks down, and when you are in Dr. Peace’s room, the walls between the rooms are extremely thin and it is easy to hear the discussions among the students in the bathroom. This bathroom gets the last place ranking. Also, the lighting is very yellow and creepy.

“I feel like it’s an invasion of privacy because I feel like the classroom next door can hear me,” said Sheena Gandhi ‘24. “However, I like spontaneously seeing my friends when we walk out of the stalls at the same time and I enjoy catching up with them.”

An honorable mention goes to the private bathrooms in the field house because of their pristine condition, and a not-so honorable mention from an anonymous source to the band hall bathroom because of its “putrid” smell.