The Kardashians Can’t Stop Causing Drama

Charlotte Comeaux, Reporter

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a reality TV series, ran from 2007 until 2021 and can be watched on Peacock (with a subscription), Youtube ($1.99/episode) and on Hulu with a Live TV Subscription. The Kardashians, a recent spinoff series, is currently on season 2, and can only be watched on Hulu.

Every time I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I am reminded of how happy I am that I am not being harassed by paparazzi and constantly filmed. I remember how glad I am that I can go to Target at 9:30 on a Tuesday night while I’m half asleep and don’t have to look presentable for TMZ or whoever else is watching.

I can’t cry over losing a diamond earring in the ocean because I don’t own diamond earrings. I don’t eat “avocado pudding” every day because I have taste buds. I don’t have to worry about my sister trying to take selfies with me while my personal driver drives me to jail. I don’t casually hit my sister with a bag for criticizing my $2,000,000 custom Bentley,I have other things to deal with.

For the Kardashians, everything they do matters because it is constantly picked apart by the public.When the family got their own show, they had to be chaotic to keep the money rolling in and the producers making more seasons. Though I believe most of the episodes are staged, I still love to watch because I never know what’s happening next. 

“I think the Kardashians are acting dumb for the show because there is no way they can run that many businesses without some sort of smarts. There must be some sort of contract that they signed where they agreed to act stupid for the show,” Sheena Gandhi ‘24 said.

So, who is the only other person I know that loves this show? My grandparents’ friend, who is in her 90s, and loves it just as much as I do. My parents and friends think the show is stupid and a waste of time, but that’s the point of the show.

Every episode has something laughable in it, and I remember some of the situations more vividly than others.

For example, during COVID, Mason Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s son, was on Instagram Live. He ended up releasing family drama that he was not allowed to talk about. He also criticized makeup artist Jeffree Star, who then tweeted back at Mason, which created more drama. He told his Aunt to “shut…up” about her drama with her boyfriends. He also critiqued Kylie Jenner’s makeup line. Kourtney and Scott Disick, Mason’s parents, were not happy with his internet use and decided to limit his access to technology.

Speaking of technology, North West created a Tik Tok account with her mom, and they constantly post random videos. In some, North exposes her mom for being fake, and in others, North and Kim review slime. The entire account keeps me entertained for hours. I’m pretty sure there have been random Roblox videos in the mix that really catch me off guard. They have a total of 14.7 million followers on the account.

In one of the first few episodes, Kim bought a Bentley and was having it custom-made. She and Khloe went to the shop where her car was being worked on, and Khloe began criticizing Kim because of the shop she was taking her car to. Kim got angry because Khloe was criticizing her and later snuck up on Khloe and hit her with her bag.

During one of the last episodes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Addison Rae, a popular TikTok influencer, came to lunch with the Kardahsians. Scott, Kourtney’s ex, was at lunch, and so was Kendall Jenner, her half sister. Kourtney and Addison had become friends because Kourtney’s son Mason was friends with Addison’s brother. However, when Kourtney left the table, Scott and Kendall decided to ask Addison about her friendship with Kourtney. They asked her about her nails matching Kourtney’s and at one point, Scott asked Addison if she and Kourtney were together. Addison was extremely uncomfortable, and I got second-hand embarrassment from the situation. It was a very chaotic scene that must have been awkward to film.

The Kardashian family used to make family lip sync videos in addition to having a show being filmed. They lip synced to multiple different songs, including one named “Lady Marmalade” that Kris Jenner lip synced to while wearing a sparkly turquoise outfit. Even though it was filmed in 2012, TikTok brought it back as “You Just Got Krissed,” which was basically telling people that they had been pranked. Even Kris Jenner herself made a video, stating that she was running for president, but then playing the “You Just Got Krissed” video after.

The family is very chaotic and they are always fighting or caught up in a scandal. A few weeks ago, Kylie got bashed for wearing a fake lion’s head as part of her outfit at a fashion show. This past week, she was involved in an eyebrow scandal between Hailey Beiber and Selena Gomez in which she supposedly made fun of Selena’s eyebrows when she and Hailey posted pictures of their eyebrows right after Selena posted photos of hers.

I recommend watching their original show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as well as their new show, The Kardashians. The drama that that family causes is about the same as the drama caused by the rest of Hollywood combined. Though some may call it a time-suck by some, I find it hilarious.