Best Fort Worth Athleisure


(Left to right) Elizabeth Dike ’25, Campbell Beebe ’23, Mimi Cable ’23, and Lyle Crumley ’25 pose in Lululemon gear after a walk on the Trinity River.

Jilli Carson, Managing Editor

When choosing a brand of athletic or athleisure clothes to spend your hard-earned money on, there are several things you need to take into consideration. From price range to general functionality, Lululemon, Alo Yoga, Athletics, Fableta, and Free People Movement all have something different to offer. But, which of these brands should I check out first? Let me give you the rundown…

Lululemon: $$$

Most people know what Lululemon is and have visited their location in University Plaza. Lululemon is one of the most well-known athleisure retailers. Their quality is high, and their prices are higher. Typically, Lulu sells sizes 0 (XXS) – 20 (XXL), but their size range varies between leggings, tops, bras, etc. Lululemon is expensive, with their leggings costing between $90-$120, and their tops ranging from $40-$60, but their quality is very impressive. Though it is expensive, if you are looking for quality athleisure or workout clothes, Lulu is the place to look. 

Alo Yoga: $$$

Alo Yoga is another expensive yet high-quality brand. It has gained more popularity recently (in comparison to Lululemon which has always been popular), and for good reason. Their prices for leggings and tops fall into the same range as Lululemon. While their prices are high, their quality reflects these prices. Alo offers a more unique collection of designs than Lulu, which mainly sells basic, color-blocked clothes. A new Alo Yoga has just opened up this month in Waterside, and I can’t wait to visit. Because of their unique designs, I would recommend Alo for athleisure rather than practical workout clothes, but would still give the brand a 10/10. 

Athleta and Fabletics $$:

Athleta and Fabletics are paired because they are my two least-favorite athletic brands. In my opinion, the majority of Athleta’s collection is not something that I would personally wear. Their prices are high, their quality is average, and their clothes aren’t very cute. Fabletics is cheaper than Athleta, but is still my least-favorite workout brand. Their quality is low, their designs are not well thought out in terms of functionality, and their website is hard to navigate. I would not recommend either of these brands to a friend. 

Free People Movement $$:

FP Movement rapidly gained popularity in the summer of 2021 as it split and opened new stores that were separate from the normal Free People store, and well deservingly. During the summer, you could not step outside without seeing someone you knew wearing the Free People “Way Home Shorts.” Free People offers a great range of styles and colors, and their athleisure clothes are functional for both working out and lounging because of how comfortable they are. Free People’s prices are comparable to Lululemon, but because they have a larger selection of styles, their price range is wider than Lulu’s. 

All of these stores can be found in Fort Worth, but I personally wouldn’t recommend all of them. Lululemon, Alo Yoga, and Free People Movement, in my opinion, offer the best quality and range of styles/functionality. I would highly recommend any of these stores, and would especially recommend Free People Movement if you are in search of cute, leisurely athletic clothes. On the other hand, I would not recommend Athleta or Fableta. Their quality, style range, and prices are not comparable to those of the previously recommended athleisure brands.