Students and Faculty Donate Blood to Help Fort Worth Community


Vivian Todora ’23 enjoys giving back to the Fort Worth community.

Audra Thomas, Social Media Editor

The Student Council hosted the annual blood drive on February 21 and 22. Carter Blood Care was at the Patton Field House where students, faculty, and parents were able to donate. Every year, the blood drive is very successful and many people donate. Students over the age of 18 were able to donate without parental permission, but students 16 or younger needed a  parents’ permission. 

Donors were encouraged to eat foods high in iron in order to prepare to donate and a  screen-in questionnaire was required 24 hours prior to donating.

The process of giving blood is easy. You can easily sign up for a time slot on the Carter Blood Care website. Students and faculty are greeted by a Carter Blood Care employee. An iron check before donating blood is essential because if your iron is too low, you cannot donate blood. They check blood pressure and pulse as well. After that, it takes about 20 minutes to give blood, and then a 10 minute long waiting period before leaving is required to make sure you are healthy enough to leave.  Each person donates one big bag, one small bag, and 5 vials of blood. Carter Blood Care provided snacks and water for the donors. 

Carter Blood Care does blood drives many times a week throughout the city of Fort Worth. They conduct blood drives based on the different blood type demands.  

If you are not able to donate blood, students are able to get one community service hour by walking students back to class after donating. Students can volunteer during their free periods. Donors also get two hours of community service.  

“Donating blood really made me feel good and also made me feel useful to the community of Fort Worth,” Elizabeth Dike ‘25 said.