Falcons Relax and Travel Over the Break


The Crumley Family in front of a restaurant in Spain.

Madeline Mehall, Life & Arts Editor

Over spring break, Upper School students all spent their time in different ways. Some traveled and some stayed home to do things to add to their resume, or to just take a break from our normally busy and chaotic lives. 

Teeg Crumley ‘25 went with his family to Spain. They went to Madrid, Seville, and a few other places. The whole family went, excluding the oldest brother Rogan ’22, who is now at The University of Texas at Austin. But, Rogan came and surprised the family for their mom’s 50th birthday in Marbella, Spain for the last few days of the trip.

“It was pretty cool and it was very exciting to have Rogan surprise us,” Crumely said. 

Henry Harrington ‘25 went to Seaside with his family and Wes Dieth ‘26 ‘s family. Seaside is a very popular place for students to go during the summer and spring break. It is in Florida and has a small idyllic town and great beach, it’s super fun because you can get everywhere by bike or golf cart. 

“Seaside was super fun and it was nice to spend time with friends and family at the beach,” Harrington said. 

Carolina Zamorano ‘25 stayed in Fort Worth and relaxed with friends and family. 

“It was nice to not be busy because we are normally so busy during the week,” Zamorano said.

Lydia Gaydosik ‘26 went to the Grand Canyon with Catherine Hart ‘26 and her family. They went hiking and also went to Flagstaff for a few nights.

“I have always been interested in the Grand Canyon so I was excited to go and see it with friends,” Gaydosik said.

Lydia Gaydosik ’26 and Catherine Hart ’26 in the Grand Canyon

Maddox Wolfe ‘25 went on the Latin trip to Italy with Middle school Latin Teacher, Clint Hagen, US Photography teacher Sil Alzevedo, and US Spanish Teacher Allison Robinson. During the trip, they went to Naples, Sorrento, and Rome. 23 Students went on this trip and had a great time. 

“My favorite part of the trip was seeing the Parthenon and exploring the different cities.”

Elizabeth Dike ‘25 went to Seaside for the first few days of a break then went to Austin to be a page, which means she worked as an assistant to a representative. Dike was a page for state representative for District 97 Craig Goldman, who came and spoke to the sophomores earlier this school year. 

“It was fun to see what goes into the lawmaking process firsthand and explore a profession that I am interested in,” Dike said.

Elizabeth Dike ’25 and her mom Stephanie Dike with John Kuempel in his office in Austin

US English teacher Jon Shipley spent his break in his backyard. He had to tear up his whole backyard to fix his sewer line since his house is 100 years old. When they went underground, they found retaining walls, steps, and a fountain, and it was all buried under 7 feet of topsoil. He thinks that part of his yard had been a sunken garden at one point. 

Isabella Sweeney ‘24 went to Key West, Florida with Sophie Toomey ’24 and her cousin Lainey Shackleford ‘26. When they were there, they saw six-toed cats and went paddle boarding. They also hung out at the beach and explored the town. 

“It was nice to spend time with my friends and family and get to explore a new place,” Sweeney said.