FWCD Dominates SPC Once Again


Jayda Fulp '25

Chris Baker ’23 competing in his 100-Yard Freestyle relay race.

Vianey Frias and Jayda Fulp

The winter sports season was terrific for all six sports teams. All six teams made it to SPC; boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, swimming, and wrestling. This year SPC was held in Dallas from February 9-11. 

Varsity Soccer:

Boys soccer kicked off SPC at 1:00 pm on Thursday. They had a game against Trinity Valley and won 2-1 to move on in the tournament. This was the most significant game because Trinity Valley is our rival, so beating them was excellent. 

They went into their second game on Friday against Cistercian Preparatory School. They lost 0-2, but they put up a great fight. 

Their last and final match of SPC was against ESD. Even though they lost 1-2, they still place fourth in the tournament. 

Boys soccer finished out the season with a 7-10 record.

“Our season started pretty well with lots of wins and goals,” Captain David Yun ‘24 said. “Recently we faced many challenges like injured players and players out of town, which affected our game performances. Still, the team is very young and has lots of potentials, so I look forward to another season with them.” 

Girls’ Soccer performed well at SPC. They won their first game with a 5-0 lead against Awty International School. 

They advanced their way up in the tournament against John Cooper School, beating them 3-2. 

This put them in the finals against the number one seed, Trinity Valley. Even though they lost by a point to make the score 0-1, their defense was on top of it for most of the game. 

They were the runner-up champs in the Southwest Preparatory Conference and finished their season with an 8-6 record. 

“Soccer season was great, and the team has bonded over the past few months,” Captain Vivian Todora ‘23 said. 

Varsity Wrestling:

Wrestling had a one-day tournament on February 11. We had seven students’ places at SPC.

Joseph Brunson ‘25 had a 31-10 record in the 190-weight class. He was the number one seed. His first match was against Kinkaid School, pinning him in the first period with six seconds left gaining his first win. His second match was against Episcopal School of Dallas, also pinning in the first period in 67 seconds. This match got him into the finals against St. John’s School of Houston. He went against a senior who was 19-11, winning the match 4-1 to claim an SPC championship.

Jack Lauderdale ‘23 and Luke Tierce ‘24 both got second. 

Lauderdale was seeded first in the 157-weight category.  He pinned his way against Oakridge into the semi-finals. He won against St. John’s 17-12.  He had a very high-intensity match with many reversals and near falls. He lost his finals match, but he got runner-up to close out his senior year with a 17-12 record at SPC.

Tierce was seeded second with a 19-16 record. His first match was a 23-8 tech fall (outscoring the opponent by 15 points) against St. Marks. His semi-finals match was 11-3 to get him into the finals against St. Johns. He also got runner-up at SPC. 

Rising Huckaby ‘24, Alex Parsons ‘26, Jackson Grace ‘23, and Chappel Carter ‘25 placed third to end their season.

Huckaby lost his first match in the 113-weight category, moving him into the cons third-place match. He pinned ESD in under a minute getting him third place. He ended his junior year with a 12-13 record. 

Parsons was the fourth seed in the 138-weight bracket. He also lost his first round but returned in the cons semi-finals pinning Episcopal High School in the first period. He moved on into the third-place match, winning 11 nothing to get third. He ended his freshman year with a 6-3 varsity record. 

Grace won his first match 10-5 against Saint Marks in the 150-weight class. He lost his quarterfinal match against Episcopal HSThen he won his semi-cons match pinning Kinkaid and moving him into the third-place match. Grace beat the second seed, pinning him in the second period. He ended his senior year with a 17-12 record. 

The wrestling team placed fourth beating Saint Marks toward the end of the tournament by 3.5 points to round out the school with 115.5 points. 

Varsity Swimming

Varsity swimming competed on February 10 and did not disappoint. Despite their small team, they scored many more points than in previous years. However, this year was the biggest the Varsity swimming team has been in years. 

The girl’s swimming team comprises Courtney Comeaux ‘26, Nara Acuña-Guba ‘25, Murphy Hoefer ‘25, and Belle Xu ‘24. They got fifth place in the 200-Medley Relay and third in the 400-Yard Freestyle Relay. Individually they also performed incredibly well. Comeaux, fifth place in 100-Yard Backstroke; Acuña-Guba, sixth place in 100-Yard Backstroke; Hoefer, sixth place in 200-Yard Freestyle and fourth place in 100-Yard Butterfly; and Xu, fourth place in 200-Yard IM. Overall, the girls placed in eleventh with 40 points,

The boy’s swimming team includes Lucas Weiskittel ‘25, Jason Pham ‘25, Christopher Baker ‘23, Ben Hatem ‘25, Braden Baker ‘25, John Flannagan ‘25, Andy Booth ‘24, and James Thomas ‘24. Weiskittle, Pham, Christopher Baker, and Hatem placed third in 200-Yard Medley Relay. Lucas Rothenberg (in place of Braden Baker), Flannagan, Booth, and Thomas placed fourth in the 200-Yard Freestyle Relay. Baker and Weiskittle placed for individual awards, too: Baker got first place in the 100-Yard Freestyle and third place in the 100-Yard Backstroke. Weiskittel also got seventh place in the 100-yard Backstroke. Overall, the team ranked eighth with 49 points in the conference.

“This year we scored a lot more points than previous years,” Acuña-Guba said. “These numbers are impressive considering how small our team is.”

Varsity Basketball:

Boys Basketball started their tournament on February 3 at 3 p.m. Their first game was against Casady School. Even though they tried their best, they were defeated by Casady 48-71.

Their second game was against St. Andrews. The game was close the entire time. They also lost this game, but the score was 53-55. 

Their last game was a comeback. It was against Awty International School. They won 66-50.

They ended their season with a 16-13 record, 

“The most wins boys basketball has had in a while,”   Joe Breedlove said.

Girls Varsity Basketball’s first game was against John Cooper School. The score was 29-30, only losing by one point. 

The next game was against Oakridge, and they beat them 37-25, knocking the Oakridge team all the way to last place in the north zone.

Their last game was against Duchesne. Girls Varsity beat them 30-22.

They got the team sportsmanship award in the north zone.

Congrats to all the winter sports for showing up and showing out at SPC.