Builders Club

Nate Wallace, Reporter

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Builders Club came about from the efforts of two seniors, Cooper Burleson ’15 and Zach Pope ’15, and from three US teachers, John Cordell, Shaen McKnight, and Bruce Quinn. Last year, there was a Robotics Club in which the members built things that revolved around robotics and electricity. A new club developed this year to broaden the topic. The new club has a total of about 30 high school students from all grade levels. Right now, they are focusing on woodworking. There are morning meetings every Tuesday where members learn more about building. The groups must build on their own time either after school in Mr. Cordell’s or Mr. McKnight’s room or at a group member’s house.

Almost all of the projects-including woodworking, electronics/robotics, and other types of building-involve creative minds working together. Builders Club offers skill sets that are not available in academics or art subjects at FWCD.

“There are no classes that teach robotics or woodworking so we have to make the club to make up for missing fields,” Pope said.

The reason that Builders Club exists is to give people a feel of what building things feels like and to give a possible career path.

“I really think it is important for everybody to have some experience building something with their hands,” Cordell said.

He believes that everyone should be exposed to this club because it can really help develop important skills.
Most importantly, the members say that Builders Club is fun. In the club, the members get to build really cool and creative things with friends in an enjoyable project. This club helps people be creative, experience a challenge, and have a great time.

“Builders Club can teach life lessons,” Burleson said.

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