One Last Thing- Xavier Willers ’21


Xavier Willers just chills out during his free period on November 8, 2017. photo by Allen Taylor

Allen Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

“One Last Thing” is a weekly interview in “People” Magazine, in which a celebrity is asked a series of questions. The Quill staff has found its own celebrities among the student body at FWCD. This week’s highlight is Xavier Willers ‘21.


Last thing I ate:

Chicken tenders from lunch


Last person I texted:

Connor Brown about homework


Last time I laughed:

30 minutes ago, tied a friend’s hair into a bun


Last TV show I watched:

I don’t watch TV that much


Last trip I went on:

Went to Miami, Florida over the summer


Last song I listened to:

Headlines by Unknown


Last person I talked to:

Allen Taylor