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Second Coffee House Scheduled for Tonight

Margaret Biggs, Ads Editor

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The Coffee House in October was standing room only. Photo by Sophie Moten ’19.

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. in the Martin Campus Center, Allie Arnold ‘18 is hosting her second Coffee House. Arnold conjured up the idea of having a Coffee House hosted by the school for the students to express their artistic ability and enjoy the experience. Arnold decided to take her idea further and make it happen. She had originally thought of the idea after being inspired by the ISAS Acoustic Coffee House. Her first Coffee House event was on Friday, October 13 and it was a success. The outcome of her first coffee house inspired her to do it again tonight and students are looking forward to it.

“Mrs. Mullins asked me to do it because I always perform at Coffee House, so she thought I would be a good person to put it together,” Arnold  said.

There were about 10 people that displayed their art in the Coffee House in October, and about 15 people performed. The students that participated in the Coffee House thought it was a fun, new thing to add to the art society at FWCD. Elysia Nolan ‘18 went to the previous Coffee House and participated in the singing portion of it.

“The last Coffee House was very nice and I liked it a lot. It was a great experience to be able to share what I’m passionate about with others and getting to perform for my friends,” Nolan said.

At each Coffee House, students are able to sign up to display their artwork and perform, whether its singing or dancing. The other students, who are also allowed to bring guests, and faculty members are able to come and look at all the art and enjoy the student’s performances.

Food is provided by the students and coffee is provided by the school, so everyone who comes gets to feel as if they are in a real acoustic coffee house. Some of the foods provided include: cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and other treats.

The coffee house tonight is sure to be another success in the arts realm of Fort Worth Country Day.

The Winter Coffee House schedule is listed below:

8:00 Opening Remarks: Allie Arnold ’18

8:05 “White Christmas” Margaret Lattimore ’18 and Sam Carlile ’18

8:10 “My Heart Will Go On” Kathleen Clum ’18

8:15 “California Girls” Geoffrey Hyder ’18

8:20 “Bare Necessities” Ben Bauman ’18

8:25 “Scary Story” Jonathan Maberry ’18

8:30 “Light Years” Chloe Gilpin ’19

8:35 “Read My Mind” Allie Arnold ’18

8:40 “Us” Julia Petsche ’20

8:45 “I’m Yours” Sarah Morton ’18 and Domi Madrid ’18

8:50 “Lenny” Nikhil De ’18

9:20 Comedy Routine Ben Bauman ’18

9:25 “Snow” Riley Hammett ’19

9:30 “She Used To Be Mine” Kathleen Klum ’18

9:35 “Using” Bianca Finzi ’19

9:40 “Pop Medley” Sam Carlile ’18

9:45 “Surf’s Up” Geoffrey Hyder ’18

9:50 “Human” Lydia Barron ’19 and Payton Childress ’19

9:55 “Blue Moon” Margaret Lattimore ’18 and Sam Carlile ’18

10:00 “Sunday Morning” Harris Podell ’18

10:05 Closing Remarks

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Second Coffee House Scheduled for Tonight