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Spring Musical Preview

Margeaux Mallick, Online Editor in Chief

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Want to see Lauren Newton ’18 attempt to sing in public for the first time? Want to see Kacey Melton ’18 flirt it up with all the boys? What about the giant ship in the middle of the Scott Theater? If any of this interests you, then you must purchase tickets for this year’s spring musical, “Anything Goes.”

“Anything Goes” is set aboard the ocean liner S. S. American; however, the name will likely be changed to The Falconer to add authenticity. Aboard the ocean liner is nightclub singer and evangelist Reno Sweeney (Kat Clum ‘18); who is en route from New York to England. Her pal Billy Crocker (Ben Bauman ’18), a lovelorn Wall Street broker, has come aboard to try to win the favor of his beloved Hope Harcourt (Claire Guthrie ’19). The problem is, Hope is engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Harrison Sapienza ‘18). Alongside this Bonnie (Lauren Newton ’18), a wannabe angel who likes to have a good time, and Moonface Martin (Jackson Bennett ’18), public enemy number 13, attempt to help Reno and Billy win the love of their lives. Kacey Melton ’18 also has a lead role as a seductive angel named “Chasity.”

Faculty members, TD Melodee Halbach, Choir Erin Ypya, US Choir Stacey Pierce, Director of Fine Arts Denise Mullins, Theater Manager Eric Tysinger and Music Aimee Hurst have been major contributors to every aspect of the show. Along with these faculty members, Joe Westerman ‘19 is the Assistant Director and has been working very closely with all of the actors to make sure the show runs smoothly.

“After working on this show since June, it’s hard to believe that my second show as Assistant Director goes up in two weeks,” Westerman ’19 said “Working on this show has been a gift and I hope to see everyone there.”

“Anything Goes” Cast List:

Sir Evelyn Oakleigh                           Harrison Sapienza

Mrs. Wadsworth T. Harcourt              Chloe Gilpin

Hope Harcourt                                    Claire Guthrie

Reno Sweeney                                    Kat Clum

Billy Crocker                                       Ben Bauman

Moonface Martin                                Jackson Bennett

Bonnie                                                 Lauren Newton

Elisha J. Whitney                                Samuel DeRobertis

Purser                                                  Salman Shah

Captain                                                Finn Connor

Chastity (Angel)                                  Kacey Melton

Purity (Angel)                                     Catherine Andrew

Virtue (Angel)                                     Abby Shaffer

Charity (Angel)                                   Riley Hammett

Additional Angels                               Ainsley Beshcer, Ainsley Hilliard,

Bailey Melton, Julia Petsche,

Paloma Casanova, Faith Darrow

Girl 1 — Avery Pate

Girl 2 — Claire-Lise Greve

Girl 3 — Catherine Cravens

Girl 4  — Alexandra Galloway

The following ensemble members will be sailors, passengers, and to songs as singers or dancers or both.

Boys- Henry Harveson, Ian Lee, Will Tuomey, Kale Graves

Girls- Maggie Brants, Zoe DeRobertis, Ainsley Dobson, Abby Hoffacker, Sarah Morton, Elysia Nolan, Lily Peters, Julia Atkinson, Bianca Finzi, Solana Adedokun, Merrill Bumstead, Stephanie Morgan, Natalie Collins, Waldron Collins, Emily Frantz, Kristen Gray, Kate Morton, Alison Maberry, Felicia Pang, Caroline Ryder

“I’m playing Bonnie, who snuck onto the boat without a ticket to follow her gangster boyfriend Moonface,” Lauren Newton ‘18 said. “Everyone should definitely come see the show because I have absolutely no singing experience and it should be pretty fun to watch me try.”

Make sure you come support these hard working actors at any of the following show times:

February 22, 23, 24  @7:00 p.m.

February 25 @ 3:00 p.m.

The actors, techies, and directors involved in the musical have been working non-stop since the second semester kicked off.

“With all of the rehearsals and memorizing, I estimate that the actors and me will have spent 430 to 450 hours in preparation for the show,” Kat Clum ‘18 said. “The amount of time is this long because we have about 425 rehearsals and we want it to be perfect.”

Purchase tickets now with the link below because they are sure to sell out quickly:





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Margeaux Mallick, Editor-in-Chief of Online Quill

Margeaux Mallick is currently a senior at Fort Worth Country Day. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Online Quill and the Photography Editor.

[email protected]

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