“The Miracle Worker” Comes to Fort Worth Country Day Tonight


Reena Alame , Managing Editor

As October nears, the annual fall play is around the corner. Students will perform “The Miracle Worker” on October 4 and 6 at 7:00 p.m. and on October 7 at 3:00 p.m.

“The Miracle Worker” retells the story of Helen Keller’s life growing up and being taught to communicate with the help of her teacher, Annie Sullivan.  

“I wanted to do a more dramatic play this year. I felt like the piece fit our students well and would help them develop as actors,” Natalie Bracken, ballet and theatre teacher and the director of the fall play, said.

As opposed to previous years, “The Miracle Worker” will be performed a month earlier, which makes the rehearsal period very short. In order to prepare and stay on track, rehearsals began in the summer on August 20 and have continued during the school year. The actors rehearse Monday – Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 – 12:00 p.m. Additionally, Bracken watched videos of Sullivan teaching Keller sign language.

“I was initially really nervous to play Helen because it is such a physical and mental challenge, but our cast has made a really safe environment to try, fail, and try again,” Claire Guthrie ‘20, who plays Helen Keller, said.

The actors and everyone involved in the play put in many hours of work to pull of the production, and it is promising to be a great performance.

Along with Bracken, many other people are working behind the scenes to pull off the play. Claire Barker ‘20 and Emily Frantz ‘21 are the assistant directors. Joe Westermann ‘19 is the stage manager. Campbell Robinson ‘19 is the set designer. Sam Rushen, the lighting designer at Casa Mañana, is responsible for the lighting design. Michael Steinbrenner ‘12, the new technical theater teacher, is the sound designer. Patricia DelSordo, a theatrical hair and makeup designer in New Jersey, is the hair/makeup designer for the play. Cathy Gullo, MS theatre teacher, is the properties master, and Melodee Halbach, US theatre director, is the producer.

Below is the main cast list and production staff for “The Miracle Worker”:

Solana Adedokun ‘20 – Voice of Krone 2 and Mary

Ainsley Bescher ‘20 – Emma

Bass Bumstead ‘19 – Captain Keller

Paloma Casanova ‘21 –  Percy

Stephanie Cook ‘20 – Martha

Alexandra Galloway ‘19 – Kate Keller

Claire Guthrie ‘20 – Helen Keller

Riley Hammett ‘19 – Alice

Ian Lee ‘20 – James Keller

Ashlin McCormack ‘20 – Beatrice

Bailey Melton ‘20 – Sarah

Stephanie Morgan ‘20 – Mrs. Anagnos
Avery Pate ‘19 – Annie Sullivan

Julia Petsche ‘20 – Viney

Abby Shaffer ‘19 – Laura and voice of Krone 1

Will Tuomey ‘20 – Doctor

Kale Graves ‘21 – Voice of Jimmy

Claire Barker ‘20 – Assistant director

Emily Frantz ‘21 – Assistant director

Joe Westermann ‘19 – Stage manager

Campbell Robinson ‘19 – Set designer