FWCD Debuts New Falcon Mascot with New Falcon Name


Angela Avitia '21

The new falcon joined Head of School Eric Lombardi on stage at the 2019 Convocation.

Jack Mezey, Reporter

A new mascot has arrived at Country Day. At the 2019 FWCD convocation, Head of School Eric  Lombardi presented the new Falcon mascot to the FWCD community. The announcement started with longtime faculty members such as US Assistant Division Head Peggy Wakeland and MS Science Teacher Dan Bloch wearing the two previous falcon mascots. They were escorted up to the stage where they revealed their faces. After the former mascots left the gym, the new Falcon made its entrance. As soon as it was revealed, 1,116 students welcomed it with applause and cheers. MS Division Head John Stephens escorted the new Falcon to the stage where it continued to cheer the entire faculty and student body. 

Exciting the crowd even further, Lombardi then announced that the students would have a chance to name the Falcon. The whole school was able to vote on a name and.

“I’m more excited to see what everybody else comes up with,” Athletic Director Brian Phelps said.

At the pep rally this Friday, “Talon” was announced as the name for the new Falcon.

The identity of the mascot is somewhat of a mystery to the students. Because of that, most people don’t know that Hunter Donahue ‘21 is the student that inhabits the Falcon during sporting events and other school activities.

“I wanted to be the mascot because I thought it would put me outside of my comfort zone,” Donahue said. 

The Falcon can be easily recognized by its defining feature: the Superman-like ab muscles. 

“It is a really nice costume and certainly looks like something on the collegiate level,” Donahue said.

The Falcon’s chest and abs are entirely red, with FWCD written in navy across the chest. The legs, arms, and face are navy, while the beak and claws are yellow. The new Falcon brings more fun and cartoonish characteristic to the traditional mascot.

“I love it,” Phelps said. “I think it’s a fun symbol for us. I think it represents our school well.”

The Falcon has been well received by the students and faculty, and it is sure to bring even more excitement to all FWCD activities.

“One of the most rewarding things about being the Falcon is the opportunity to visit places like Como Elementary School, where you know being there truly makes a difference,” Donahue said. He wishes people knew how hot it is while in the Falcon, even with ice vests on. He thinks he’ll enjoy it even more when the weather cools down.