Freshmen Give Back to the Community


Photo courtesy Caroline Sanders '23

Caroline Sanders ’23 and mother, Suzanne Sanders, have donated food to the Presbyterian Night Shelter.

Caroline Sanders, Reporter

With the recent restrictions COVID-19 has forced on cities around the globe, it is easy to see that our community is in a time of great need. Most importantly, a need for food.

Many charities and organizations based in the Fort Worth area have been helping to replenish the lack of food for many families. The National Charity League, mothers and daughters, have been making numerous food donations to centers like the Presbyterian Night Shelter. The shelter has been serving up to 500 meals a day to provide for their residents. They have asked that mainly sandwiches, chips, bars, crackers, and other food be donated to fulfill the task. 

FWCD student Bella Kaufmann ‘23 has been donating and delivering sandwiches to the Presbyterian Night Shelter since the pandemic started. She and her mother are members of the National Charity League and have volunteered in our community for years. 

“I’ve really enjoyed making these donations,” Kaufmann said. “My favorite part of volunteering is definitely being able to give back to the community, especially during this time.” 

Another location currently accepting food donations is the COMO Community Center. To provide lunches for the COMO children, the center has asked for donations of only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches along with fruit and other types of snacks. The pre-made sandwiches must also be packaged into individual ziplock baggies. 

As of right now, the shelter is requesting at least 10 sandwiches from each member of NCL; however, there is no maximum limit of food donations. 

In order to prevent the further spread of disease, the community center has asked for contributors to please sanitize work areas and if possible wear gloves and face masks while preparing the food.

Other organizations including the Young Men’s Service League have been donating food and dropping it off at COMO and PNS as well.