TCU Renovates Football Stadium


Caroline Carmichael '24

TCU football stadium was at 25% capacity during the TCU vs. Iowa State game on Sept. 26.

Caroline Carmichael, Reporter

The east side of the TCU football stadium underwent a renovation which began in June 2018 and completed this summer. The new additions include 22 suites, along with 48 Loge boxes, and around 1000 club seats. Overall, the whole project cost close to $100 million, and the majority of it was privately funded by donors and friends from the University. 

The new Legends Club is aimed more toward younger audiences. It is more advanced in technology with enhanced audio and visual technologies. This makes the Legends Club more AV friendly than the opposing Champions Club. The club also has easier access to food and drinks while having hardwood floors instead of carpet. The new seats and suites were added to ease the demand for having more club and suite level tickets. 

Weather and COVID-19 both put delays on the project. 

“I would be lying to you if I said in the last 15 months, since we announced the construction delay, have not been challenging,” Michael Levy, the TCU associate AD for development, said. “In addition to missing the 2019 season, we were set to do our ribbon-cutting event in late March 2020, just to be struck by the Pandemic.”  

Levy is a 2017 graduate of FWCD.

“In 45 of the first 60 days of putting the foundation and supports down, there was a weather-related issue,” Ross Bailey, Associate AD for facilities said. “COVID-19  impacted the project twice as there were two shutdowns when the project was being wrapped up. Each shutdown lasted for 14 days. None of these shutdowns didn’t include challenges in the supply or chain management systems.” 

The renations were finally completed early in the summer of 2020.

“Fortunately, that is all behind us, and we have been giving tours of the space since mid-July,” Levy said. “Also, we have the opportunity to have a limited number of fans and donors in the space this season Starting on Saturday, September 26, with our home opening game vs. Iowa State.” 

In that home opener, 9,000 fans were allowed in the stadium along with 3,000 TCU students.

TCU ended up losing to Iowa State 37-34. The game had very few fans, and there was crowd noise pumped in through the speakers to increase volume levels. TCU requires attendees to wear a mask at all times except when they are eating or drinking. TCU students seemed to be following the rules better than the SMU students did at the game against Memphis on Oct. 3. Their students got kicked out of the stadium for not following the University’s guidelines.