Plastic Plays a Big Role in SAGE Protocols


Angela Avitia '21

The tables with Plexiglass are set up in the FDP, spaced 6 feet apart and four students per table.

Andrea Andrade '24, Reporter

It’s not your usual FDP.

When entering the Fischer Dining Pavilion, students are required to stand on clearly marked dots on the floor that are spaced six feet apart. Students sit at the usual tables, but they are divided in half or fourths by plexiglass. SAGE Dining Services at Fort Worth Country Day has set up many new procedures to ensure the students’ safety when getting lunch. They set up these new procedures for the return of the Upper School students, as Lower School and Middle School students only pick up lunch and take it back to their respective divisions. SAGE had to follow guidelines published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the School’s own rules. 

The FDP has plexiglass set up between each person at the table. SAGE has also changed their way of serving lunch; it is no longer service one meal at a time. Instead, they serve pre-packed meals in take-out containers.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak that started in March, SAGE as a company has spent the last few months coming up with ideas to serve their various communities, from having meals delivered to the lower school classrooms, to setting up the tables with plexiglass in the FDP. 

The biggest policy we are following is safety for our community,” Whitney White, Senior Food Service Director, said. 

They have set up these procedures following the CDC guidelines and FWCD guidelines, in order for our community to stay safe. 

SAGE started using prepackaged utensils and more plastic to keep good sanitation.

“The to-go style is convenient and quick,” Carolina Murrin ‘24 said. 

Some people like having to just pick up what they are going to eat and sitting down.

“I would like for Sage to make more simple items, maybe like a plain turkey and cheese sandwich as opposed to an egg salad sandwich,” Murrin said. 

There are many picky eaters who would rather have something simple instead of something complex.

“I will follow through until the day I am told I am allowed to revert back to what was normal,” Scaling said.

She will do this along with all of the FWCD community who are following the rules to return to normal as soon as possible.