Ben’s Couch Dreams Dashed


Lisa Wallace

2019-2020 Yearbook staff enjoys Ben’s beloved couch on a work night.

Jack Carmichael, Managing Editor, Perspectives Editor

Ben Tomasic ‘21 first walked into Mrs. Wallace’s publications classroom in the fall of 2017. Every day since then, he has longed for the couch that used to reside in the room. But, two students ahead of him had always outranked him in seniority. For three years, he watched Izzy Vallance ‘20 and Solana Adedokun ‘20 claim the chair, every day. Every. Single. Day. This obviously frustrated Ben “J-Money” Tomasic. 

For years, Ben has dreamed of his senior year. In his dreams, he would wake up, come to school, and sit on the couch while he feels the effects of senioritis. But now, his dreams are a reality. With the graduation of Adedokun and Vallance it is finally time for Ben Tomasic’s reign over the long-awaited couch. 

Ha! Wait… did he really think 2020 was going to allow him to have the couch? Sadly, the Coronavirus had other plans for poor Ben. With the protocols in place at FWCD, the couch was removed. The couch was deemed unable to sanitize due to its cloth material and was forced out of the room. After three years of waiting, Tomasic still cannot have his couch. 

Well, at least kind of. He chose online learning. Some peers think it could be because he was angry with not having the opportunity to sit on the couch. Others think he simply wanted to be able to sit on his couch at home. I think he just wanted to run away from the craziness that is G period publications. 

The question is, did he give up his claim for when he returns? For clarification, if things ever return to normal, and the couch returns, has Ben lost his right to the couch due to his online choice?

Who knows if Tomasic will ever see the day he gets the rights to the couch? Who knows if COVID-19 will ever end, (COVID, if you’re reading this, go away). Who knows if Tomasic will ever step into science building room 102 in this school year or ever again? Who knows if the legendary couch will ever make a return in Mrs. Wallace’s classroom for anyone to have the right to sit on?

Tomasic’s one final wish for his senior year is to sit on his couch. Will this wish be fulfilled? Who knows? But, in this wild year that is 2020, Tomasic’s loss is everyone’s loss.