FWCD Welcomes New College Counselor to Fort Worth


Lisa Wallace

US College Counselor Stephen Milich and US Division Head Alexis Stern spend time together at the Senior Sunset Cookout.

Marshall Lehman, Reporter

Embarking on a new adventure, new college counselor Stephen Milich began a completely new job, at a completely new school, in a completely new city. Milich left California and arrived in Fort Worth on September 28 with his life partner of three years, Carlos. He moved into his apartment where he can watch the downtown skyline “shimmer and shine,” as Milich says.

With the excitement of fresh employment, Milich began his job at FWCD back in early September. Working from California, he encountered problems with the difference in time zones.

“If there was an 8 [a.m.] o’clock meeting I had to go to in Fort Worth,” Milich said, “I had to be there at 6 [a.m.] o’clock.”

Despite this challenge, Milich has created personal bonds with teachers, students, and parents. He relishes his connections that he has developed with members of the FWCD community.

“Texans are the friendliest people on Earth,” Milich said.

It’s good luck that FWCD students are so polite.

“I would not move across the country for any job,” Milich said. “It had to be the right fit personally and professionally.”

Since September, Milich has been helping Upper School students navigate the college admissions process by preparing them for the SAT and ACT exams and helping them write college admission essays.

Milich found his job at FWCD after Michael Yager, Associate Director of College Counseling, took a leave of absence because he is currently taking care of a family member.

Regarding Yager’s return, Milich said, “We most definitely hope that when his leave is over, that he will be returning to FWCD.”

“My job is to help students achieve their hopes and dreams,” Milich said. “You have to cater to the needs of the student.”

When he isn’t at school, Milich enjoys hiking, the theater, and dining on “a good meal.”

Before working at FWCD, Milich was employed by his alma mater, Drew University in New Jersey, as an Admissions Counselor. Most recently, Milich worked at The Buckley School with our new Head of Upper School, Alexis Stern, as the Director of Admission and Financial Aid.

Amid the perils of COVID-19, Milich has found joy with a completely new job, at a completely new school, in a completely new city. When asked about staying long term at FWCD, Milich smiled.

“I am optimistic that that’s going to happen,” Milich said.