Field Hockey Frees Players from COVID-19


Lisa Parker

The varsity field hockey team played their first game against All Saints on October 1.

Anna Hooton, Features/Copy Editor

Over 365 days later, sports competition resumed on October 1, 2020, for the FWCD field hockey teams. 

Throughout the day, players drank water, Pedialyte, or Gatorade in preparation for their game. Because of the half-day, people ate lunch at home before going to their classes. F and G period went by quickly as players began to feel nervous. 

After school, everyone drove home so that they could change and eat a snack before heading to All Saints Episcopal School. Some people ate oranges and cheese sticks while others ate protein bars. Some tried to cram in last-minute hydration. 

Parents told their children to hurry up so that they could arrive at the game with plenty of time for a proper warm-up. On the ride there, players hyped each other up through encouraging texts and pictures on different social media platforms. 

All of the players met by the bench to put on their shin guards, tie their cleats, and get their customized ribbon. After gathering all of their equipment, they headed over to the other field to get warmed up. Teammates laughed and cheered each other on during this time of extreme nervousness. The team started off by stretching and loosening up their muscles before passing the ball around. Players practiced push passes, drives, shooting, and defensive skills throughout their warm-up. 

The players returned to the bench for an inspirational speech by coaches, Paige Chisholm ‘87 and Tara Gordon ‘12, while the captains joined the referees for the coin toss. The captains joined the rest of the team so that they could break it down before the game.

Eleven players walked on the field, yelling and screaming out of joy, while others stood by the sidelines to cheer on their fellow teammates. As soon as the whistle blew, the nerves slowly began to fade away. Players dribbled, passed, marked, and attempted to shoot. Players on the bench cheered on their teammates while fans watched the game with excitement. The coaches analyzed the other team while watching the game intently and occasionally subbing players. During the first two quarters, All Saints scored. Although it bothered the team, it encouraged them to do better. The first two quarters quickly flew by.

As the players came off the field, the team huddled for kind critiques and more inspirational words. Everyone grabbed their water to drink as they listened to the coaches. Five minutes later and it was time to go back on the field.

Throughout the second half, players yelled and made cuts for the ball. They dribbled until they could pass it off to another teammate. Moms and dads yelled for their child and cheered the team on. The evening air was full of excitement and joy. Fans could hear the sound of the ball hitting the backboard when All Saints scored again. Everyone attempted to stay on their man while trying to analyze the field. As the game came to an end, the players ran faster and worked harder, trying to cherish the last few minutes of their first game.

Sadly enough, the clock buzzed and the referees blew their whistles to signify that the game has ended. For a little over an hour, the players were reminded of the good old days. For a little over an hour, the players were able to forget about all of the COVID protocols. And, for a little over an hour, the players found a sense of normalcy.