New Restaurant Hits Fort Worth: Delucca Guacho Pizza & Wine

Jilli Carson, Reporter

A new and unique pizza experience has arrived in Fort Worth. The new pizzeria, Delucca Gaucho Pizza and Wine, took over the location of Bravo, an Italian restaurant that shut down in 2018. Delucca is among the first gaucho-style pizza restaurants outside of Brazil, especially within the United States. Located off of Hulen St. in the Trinity Commons area, Delucca is a gaucho-style restaurant, meaning that it is an all-you-can-eat buffet delivered straight to your table. 

The restaurant has a set price, meaning that once you arrive you can stay for as long as you want and eat as much pizza as possible. Adults can expect to pay $18.95, children ages 6–12 will pay $12.95 and ages 3–5, $6. This fixed price does not include the cost of drinks for adults or children.

Upon arrival, the restaurant offers multiple appetizers, and after that, the gaucho experience begins. Servers presenting several pizza flavors, 20 different flavors to be exact, begin roaming the restaurant and offering slices of their unique specialty flavors. After feasting on an unlimited amount of pizza, the servers will offer a variety of their dessert pizzas ranging in flavors from banana flambé to roasted pear.

I unknowingly went to the restaurant the second day that they were open, which may not have been the best idea. The restaurant was super busy, and though the wait staff has likely gotten a better hang of things, drinks and appetizers took an excessive amount of time to get to the table. But, a good thing about the gaucho-style is that you can stop or start eating whenever you please. My recommendation is to reserve a table before going, especially if you are going on a weekend.

The whole experience was pretty cool and unique, as I had never been to a gaucho-style restaurant or tried most of the pizzas they had to offer. The pizza was pretty good as well. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience, to be able to try their unique array of pizza flavors, such as chicken tikka masala and Mexican elote. The appetizers that they brought out were almost better than the pizza itself. A lobster bisque accompanied by a small meatball and side salad was the perfect entry into this immersive experience.  

This restaurant is an appreciated addition to the many Fort Worth cuisine options. Though there are some things that the restaurant will have to learn and adapt to after being open longer and gaining some experience, it was overall a great experience that I would feel comfortable recommending to a friend.