US to Elect New Discipline Council


Madeline Mehall '25

Andrew Thomas speaks at announcements about the Disciplinary Council.

Madeline Mehall, Reporter

Though the Discipline Council has been inactive for the past couple of years, it is coming back with new leaders and a new council.

The Discipline Council began many years ago. It has been operating at least since Interim Upper School Division Head Peggy Wakeland came to Country Day in 1993. At the time, Upper School History Department Chair Suzanne Lewis was in charge of it and led it until she left FWCD.

The main goal of the Council is to suggest consequences for behaviour issues, and determine how to prevent the action from happening again. It operates similarly to the Honor Council, which is run by US history teacher Sara Teegarden. Cindy Keller, an US math teacher, helps co-run the Discipline Council with US history teacher Andrew Thomas. The position was handed to Thomas when he took on the role of US history teacher in 2013.

“[The Council] allows the student to present their side of the story,” Thomas said. 

He also enjoys working with Keller. She chose to join the Discipline Council because of how similarly it was run to the Honor Council. She enjoys how it’s black and white and how it is straightforward. She also thinks it’s important that there are class representatives who can relate to the situation and help.

“I think it’s important how it makes everything more productive,” Keller said. “It doesn’t take away from education or the learning environment.”

The Discipline Council will be voted on similarly to the Honor Council. Filing opens on September 20 and closes on September 24. Voting and speeches are on September 28. There will be two representatives per grade, which means there will be 10 people on the Council, including Keller and Thomas. If you are interested in filing to run, you can contact Keller or Thomas at their FWCD emails or see Thomas in room 211 or Keller in room 114.