Disc Golf: It’s Golf, but With A Disc, Kind of



This is one of the holes at Z Boaz Disc Golf Course.

Benjamin Hoppe, Editor

Disc golf is taking the world by storm. Not really; however, some people may believe the disc looks like the world. 

 Disc golf is, in simple terms, golf but with a disc. More specifically, the sport consists of throwing a disc typically 250 feet to over 400 feet into a basket with metal chains that catch the disc. The course is normally about 18 holes, just like normal golf; however, it can vary from course to course. Disc golf also has a tee box, typically made of concrete or dirt, from which the disc is thrown, and disc golf is also scored the same way as regular golf. Now, as for strategy, I don’t know a whole lot, but from what I can tell it’s better to throw a shorter distance and not risk your accuracy versus trying to throw as far as you can and potentially hitting a person and getting sued. At the time of writing this, I have played disc golf three times: once right outside of the Purdue campus in West Lafayette, Indiana; once at Z Boaz Park in Benbrook, Texas; and once on the TCU campus in Fort Worth, Texas. The three times I have played, I have had a fun time. It was a great way to get outside, walk around, and, at least for me, perfect my farmer’s tan (picture provided, but view at your own risk). 

A blurry, but wonderful photo of my glorious farmer’s tan.

Now, when I was playing disc golf at Z Boaz Park, which is rated at a very high score of 4.4 out of 5 on UDisc (one of the more popular apps to keep track of disc golf scores, find disc golf courses, and find events and tournaments), I had quite an experience. It was almost a little concerning to see people walking around with a bag with at least 25 discs inside. It got even more concerning when I saw someone with a rolling bag that had speakers installed in it. All the while, I was walking around with a singular disc trying to find the next hole. I do understand that the professionals of disc golf have many discs, although I am fairly confident that the people playing at Z Boaz park were not professionals, but that’s just my opinion. 

For the sake of the readers, I will exclude the description of what the course near Purdue’s campus was, as that doesn’t matter to anyone. But I will say, it was also fun playing there. 

Finally, I think playing on the TCU campus was probably my best experience. TCU doesn’t have an official course, but when I played there, which was around the academic buildings on either side of South University Drive near Dutch’s and Einstein Bros., I just aimed for things that stood out on the campus like the base of a statue, a sundial, and a fountain. It was kind of nice being in the shade and seeing things other than trees and dead grass. Can you give readers a better idea of where you were on campus when you played?  

This is a pretty epic photo of the sundial, which was used as one of the holes, on the TCU Campus (Benjamin Hoppe)

If anyone is interested in trying out disc golf and needs a disc to play with, from what I have used, the Innova brand sells many good discs for all levels and for a pretty good price.


Overall, I think if you haven’t played disc golf, I’d suggest trying it out. It is a great way to get outside, as well as have a pretty fun time.