Falcons Await Homecoming Week with Anticipation


Jack Mezey

Jack Carmichael ’22 buys his homecoming tickets, one for himself and one for his date, Sadie Schuster ’22/

Anna Hooton, Co-Online Editor in Chief

US history teacher and Student Council co-sponsor, Jennifer Giroir,has been working alongside the junior class representatives to plan a disco-themed Homecoming dance that will be successful despite the uncertainty and restrictions of COVID-19.  

At first, the Homecoming venue was undecided. The Student Council discussed whether or not the dance should be in the round gym or outside. It has been finalized that the dance will occur outside, and students will not have to wear masks. 

“I think having the dance outside will be a good idea since it got really crowded in the commons my freshman year,” Georgia Ethridge ‘23 said.

The Student Council is trying to make this year’s Homecoming as normal as possible. Students bought Homecoming pajama pants, mums, and t-shirts. Although Fort Worth Country Day usually buys Comfort Colors t-shirts, it has been difficult to find them this year, so the shirts are from the brand District. Lauren Mitchell ‘23, Jilli Carson ‘23, and Vivian Todora ‘23 created the t-shirt design. 

“We went on different t-shirt design websites and looked through the disco themed stickers inspiration,” Carson said. 

Another way Homecoming is different this year is because there are not that many days in the week leading up to Homecoming, since there is no school on Monday and Wednesday is dedicated to grade-level activities. The freshmen will participate in a service-learning activity while the sophomores and juniors will take the PSAT, and the senior class will be out on the ropes course. During the week, the Student Council has planned two dress-up days. One day is for neon clothes and accessories and the other is disco and 70s themed. There will also be games and karaoke in the commons where 70s music will be playing throughout the week. Moms will pass out the mums on Wednesday after the grade-level activities and students can wear them all day on Friday. As usual, all of the mums are red and blue except for the senior ones, which are white.

“I am excited to wear my white mum at the football game, but it’s also kind of sad since this is my last Homecoming,” Reagan Weeks ‘22 said. 

On October 15, there will be an all-school pep rally, and it will take place on the football field. During this time, the Homecoming court will be announced and the cheerleaders will entertain the school. 

The Homecoming football game is on October 15 and the Fort Worth Country Day Falcons will play the Casady Cyclones. Since Casady is an Oklahoma-based school, the school is bringing all of their teams with them. The junior varsity and varsity teams for boys volleyball, girls volleyball, and field hockey will all play Casaday on the Friday of the Homecoming football game. 

The dance will occur on October 16 from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Tickets for the dance cost $25 dollars and they are available for purchase via a Google Form email from Giroir. The Student Council plans to decorate the area similar to that of the Parent Social that took place the same night as the Howdy dance. DJ Eddie will be in control of the music, but students can request songs as long as they are appropriate. 

Many girls have searched Revolve, an online clothing store, for their Homecoming dresses. Buying dresses has proved to be difficult this year since many dresses have been on backorder for many weeks and packages keep getting delayed. 

“Looking for a dress was really frustrating because I really wanted one that said pre-order, but I couldn’t get it since I wouldn’t get it in time,” Campbell Beebe ‘22 said.

While the other grades separate into different groups for photos and dinner plans, the freshman class does it all together. Pictures and dinner will take place at River Crest Country Club and the after-party will be at Caroline and Mary Kathryn King’s ‘25 house. 

This is also the first Homecoming for the sophomore class. The entire class will go to Blue Mesa Grill for dinner and pictures before riding a bus to the dance. The after party is being held at a secret location. 

The Student Council is also hosting a food drive from October 6 through October 15. Although it is a canned food drive, the student council is requesting that people also donate diapers, infant formula, and toiletries. All of the donations will go to Harvest House, which is a social services organization that seeks to help people in need. The grade level who brings the most supplies will win an out-of-uniform day the following week. Students can drop off their donations in the grade-designated red trash bins in the commons.