Seniors Enjoy Senior Privileges


During the senior back to school party in August, some senior girls spent tine on the senior bench. Photo courtesy of Anna Hooton ’22.

Lainey Liberto, Reporter

The class of ‘22 started enjoying their off-campus privileges on September 16.

The seniors have been given the opportunity to eat lunch off-campus and leave school grounds for their free period. 

For the first quarter, the seniors were only allowed to leave on Thursdays and Fridays. Starting October 12, the seniors have permission to leave every day during their lunch and free periods. 

“I would like to have senior privileges every day for the first quarter instead of only Thursday and Friday,” Tabitha Wolfe ‘22 said. ”It would help having people out of the cafeteria for [COVID-19], so it should help the school.”  

To go off-campus, the seniors were required to get signatures from their parents and a yellow sticker for their car from Paula Weatherholt, the Assistant Head of Upper School. The sticker indicates that the car belongs to a senior. 

Another one of their privileges is wearing the senior polo. On every polo, there is the FWCD falcon emblem on the left sleeve and each polo says “FWCD Senior 2022” on the top left. Only members of the senior class are allowed to wear them with their khakis or under their jumper. The polos come in three different colors: red, white, and blue.  

I like the polos a lot better than the old shirts, because they are soft and more comfortable to wear”

— Olivia Hilliard '22

The seniors also have a bench that is designated just for them, which is right above the stairs.  There are also some chairs below the stairs that are for the seniors only. 

Another privilege the seniors have is being able to park in the senior parking lot. This particular parking lot is closer to the school buildings, making it more convenient for seniors when walking to and from their cars. 

Also, some seniors believe that they would all leave every single day and it’s more freedom for them to be off-campus.

“I think we are going to leave every day,” Mac Toomey ‘22 said. “Food at Country Day gets old after a while and the way the lunchroom is set up makes it hard to walk around so we want some freedom.”

Once the second quarter started, many seniors were relieved that they can now leave campus for their free period and lunch every day instead of on Thursdays and Fridays. 

“It’s nice to be able to go home and take a nap and do work instead of staying at school,” Reagan Weeks ‘22 said.