Getting To Know Strength and Conditioning Coach, Shane Jenke

Shane Jenke prepares the weight room.

Megan Magruder

Shane Jenke prepares the weight room.

Megan Magruder, Reporter

This year, everyone is required to go to the weight room at least twice a week if they participate in a sport, weight training, or P.E. 

Students walk into the weight room and are greeted by the pungent smell of sweat and the sight of athletes working out. One may think that athletes are there with no guidance on what to do. However, that is when Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Strength and Conditioning, Shane Jenke steps in.

Jenke has been in this role for the last seven years. He has a strong passion and drive for what he does for our school.   

“I am doing what I love,” Jenke said. “So many people get stuck in a career that they don’t really like. Most people go through their life and are in a job for 30 years and absolutely hate it. I love walking in and knowing that I am doing what I love every day. The days are long but they are worth it,”                                                  

Jenke started his career when he was a sophomore at Sam Houston State University, where he started working with the strength and conditioning coach there. Jenke worked as a student assistant, where he helped train different teams. He was tasked with training the bowling, tennis, and golf teams. 

“That is when I realized I had a passion for strength and conditioning,” Jenke said.

After Sam Houston, Jenke started as a graduate assistant at Texas Christain University where he was pursuing his masters in Exercise Physiology. As a graduate assistant, he helped in the athletic department and the science department. 

 “I stayed, knocked out my masters and I’m never going to have to do school again,” Jenke said. 

After finishing his masters, he decided to stay in Fort Worth. His wife got a job here and they both fell in love with the city.

Every day Jenke creates workouts for each sports team and P.E. class from fifth through twelfth grade.

He starts his mornings by training either in-season or off-season teams from 7:30 to 8:15 a.m. After the team finishes working out, he works with the middle school P.E classes. The times for these classes can vary, so in between those classes, Jenke finishes up any administrative work that he needs to do. After that, he starts training the Upper School teams and P.E classes. Finally, at 7:00 pm he heads home to his wife and four-month-old son Kolter.

Students and colleagues see Jenke’s passion and drive for his job. 

“I would describe Coach Jenke as a joy to work with,” US English teacher and Assistant Baseball Coach, Spencer Smith said.