Country Day Hosts Summer Vacations


Andreanne Annis

Students took a trip to France to learn about the community, culture, and inspirations.

Jayda Fulp, Reporter

Summer 2022 will provide a few trips for Fort Worth Country Day students – per COVID-19’s allowance. These trips will take place in Panama, France, Iceland, and Ecuador and the Galápagos. There will be many activities done between each trip.

The Panama trip is available only to Upper Schoolers. It will occur during spring break, March 12-19. Students will take part in service-learning and ethical leadership custom courses.  Students will also be able to visit beautiful places.

The prices vary, depending on how many people are going. If 12 to 14 people attend, the price will be $3,350 per student, and if there are 8 to 11, the cost is $3,600. If students want to attend, they have to send applications and initial deposits of $500 by December 12, 2021. If you are interested in going on this trip, the meeting is on April 21, at 7 P.M. Nicole Masole, Director of Community Engagement and Inclusion, and Debby Arnold, MS Spanish, are sponsoring the trip to Panama. 

Another option is a trip to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands from May 30 to June 7. Students from 8th to 10th grade will learn about independence, flexibility, and teamwork. They will visit Quito for four days, then the Galápagos for the other four days. The approximate cost is $4,500. There is a meeting on April 12 at 7 P.M. if you are interested. The sponsors for this trip are Michael Parker, MS Humanities, and Jackie Rains, MS English.

The trip to France will take place June 1-22. Students will learn about history, culture, and language immersion for academic credit. They will also have the opportunity to take French classes. This trip is offered to all Upper Schoolers and the approximate cost for this trip is $5,000. 

“I’m very excited to get to learn about their culture and language,” Isabella Sweeney ‘25 said.

“We would appreciate your help to promote a virtual meeting,” Andreanne Annis, US French, said.  

If you want to learn more, there is a meeting on November 11th at 7 P.M. Annis and Quinton Davis, US History, will chaperone the trip to France. 

“I’m hoping we get to go on this trip because it’s been three years [that we’ve been planning],” Davis said. “I’m very excited.”.

The trip to Iceland will take place June 8-13. Upper Schoolers can use this opportunity to learn about geology and the differences between that Texas and Iceland. Students will visit the Hvolsvollur area and Reykjavik. The trip costs $4,781. There is an informational meeting about this trip on April 21, at 7 P.M. 

“I do believe it will be fun because there will be different activities,” Heather Peace, US Math & Science said. 

If you need any more information about any of the trips, please visit 2022 Trips through FWCD’s Center for International Study (CIS) on the FWCD website or contact Bill Arnold ‘86, Director of CIS.