The “Pickle” Ball is in Fort Worth’s Court


Olivia Neve

View of the MOPAC Building Signage

Olivia Neve, Co-Editor in Chief

University Drive is one of the most well-known streets in town. With its close proximity to Downtown Fort Worth, TCU, and the Historic Stockyards, MOPAC presents a convenient location for every special occasion. It serves as a middle ground between different neighborhoods of Fort Worth. There are several places located on or near the University that act in a similar fashion, enhancing Fort Worth’s pillar of the community by bringing everyone together. The newest addition to this area, located on Rogers Rd. just off of University, is no exception.

The rustic MOPAC venue, where many events are held, is tucked between University Drive and the railroad tracks. However, this space is now being transformed into another hidden gem in the Fort. Opening soon at 1615 Rogers Rd, Courtside Kitchen will come to life with dining, drinking, and the growing sport of pickleball.

“I have been to MOPAC in the past for various reasons, so it will be interesting to see how it evolves into an athletic and culinary space,” Claire Dodson ‘24 said.

Pickleball is often described as a combination of ping pong and tennis. Like ping pong and tennis, it is filled with fast action and played on a court; however, it is played with paddles, not rackets.

“My parents really enjoy pickleball because of how competitive they get to be with their friends,” Reesie Packer ‘25 said. “It is entertaining to watch how involved my parents and my friends’ parents are in this fast-paced sport.”

This venue should be ideal as it will have seven outdoor and two covered pickleball courts and more than 7,500 square feet of indoor space and more than 23,500 square feet of space. Though the pickleball craze is seemingly pervasive, the space is not going to be limited to pickleball. The venue will have plenty of TVs to watch sports, cornhole, and a life-size game of Connect 4 – all sure to keep you active.

Bringing the dining and drinking aspect, Courtside Kitchen will also “take a swing” upon the grand opening. All food and drinks are to be orchestrated by Chef Christian Lehrmann, a familiar name in the Fort Worth community. Lehrmann is one of the primary figures behind some local favorites like Taco Heads, Tinie’s Mexican Cuisine, and Side Saddle Saloon. Like the activities available, the menu will be diverse, ranging from poke bowls to chicken sandwiches to steaks and to fries.

“I am very excited to get to try a new food offering in Fort Worth. Is always exciting to anticipate a new restaurant opening that will have a diverse and fun menu,” Lillie Turner ‘22 said.

This addition to the bustling core of Fort Worth is sure to be a success, with its variety of food and drink, opportunities for endless fun, and a chance to get in a workout.