The Tavern Renovates: Is it Worth a Visit?


Jilli Carson

Customers enjoy the Tavern’s new interior

Jilli Carson, Social Media Editor

Either you love it or you hate it: The Tavern has completely redone the interior of their Fort Worth establishment. The Tavern is a high scale American bar and grill with a relaxed atmosphere. Recently, the restaurant underwent a much-needed renovation and was shut down for about four months. 

Before the renovation, the interior of the restaurant was quite dull, dark, and boring. There were few lighting units, no natural light, and the interior design was all together boring. The patio was also underwhelming and rarely seated anyone. Alone, the atmosphere of the pre-renovation Tavern was unwelcoming and a major turn off to hungry visitors. Also, the service of the restaurant was extremely slow, and it seemed to be very understaffed. The only thing that kept people coming back was their grade A cuisine. 

The quality and flavorful food just barely outshined the blandness of everything else. The Tavern has a wide-ranging menu, varying from Thai chicken lettuce wraps, to a breakfast burger with fried eggs and bacon. Though it may seem that a widely-ranging menu may be cause for a lack of quality and taste, this is not the case.

 In my opinion, the best thing on the entire menu is “Tavern’s Grilled Club,” formerly known as the California Club. Featuring crispy bacon and roasted turkey, this club is one of the best I have ever had, although I would suggest adding avocado. Their micro fries and mashed potatoes are also a fan favorite, both being runner-ups for the best menu items, and for first-timers, ordering these sides is a must.  

With the food being so great, it is almost hard to turn people away, but in some cases, the slow service and dull atmosphere did exactly that. Because of these flaws, the restaurant underwent a much-needed renovation, which turned out to be successful. The interior redesign was very well thought out and brings out a jazzy and eccentric side of the establishment. The interior redesign resulted in a far more welcoming environment, and ultimately made me more excited to visit the restaurant with friends and family. 

The only flaw in the renovation is the unchanged service. Waiting to order food and for it to come will likely take up the majority of your visit, but the outstanding food just barely makes up for it. Overall, the renovation of the Tavern created a completely different atmosphere and experience, and besides slow service, the Tavern is definitely worth a visit.