California Coffee Chain Comes to Fort Worth


The Dutch Bros sign welcomes customers. Photo by Megan Magruder ’23

Megan Magruder, Reporter

The West Coast coffee chain, Dutch Bros, has opened up two locations in Fort Worth, and they are about to open another. The current locations are at 3007 Altamesa Blvd South and 2317 W Berry St. The coffee chain is opening another location at 3501 Locke Ave.

“I’m so excited that there’s now a Dutch Bros in Fort Worth. I’ve been seeing it all over my for you page, and I’m so excited to try it out,” Caroline Homan ‘23 said.

After school, I decided to take the drive to their open location on Altamesa. The drive from the school parking lot to Dutch Bros took me about ten minutes, which was convenient. Since Dutch Bros is only a drive-thru, it does not seem convenient; however, it is. The line was fast, especially since they have two drive-thru lanes. I sat in the line for about two minutes before placing my order.

I ordered an iced vanilla latte which was five dollars and their signature energy drink, “The Aftershock,” which cost four dollars. It took about ten minutes to make my drinks, which was not convenient, but the workers at the window were very nice. The workers are called the “Dutch Mafia.” They pride themselves on their customer service, and they start conversations as you wait. The girl working the window was super kind and friendly. 

The latte was not good. Every other sip was either super bitter or very sweet. There was not a good balance between the two. If I go back, I would not order that drink. “The Aftershock” was very good; it tasted like an energy drink Slurpee. I would recommend that to anyone who doesn’t drink coffee. 

Dutch Brothers have okay coffee, but amazing energy drinks. If you want to go, I would recommend setting aside 45 minutes out of your day, because it’s out of the way for most Country Day students. When the store on Locke open, it will be easier for Country Day students to get coffee there. 

“I’m excited for the new locations to open because the drive right now is long,” Macie Mallick ‘22 said. 

If you go try Dutch Bros at one of their new locations, I would recommend going there for your morning caffeine boost on the way to school. I would rate Dutch Bros’ an 8/10.