Best Study Spots in Fort Worth


Vivian Todora ’23 enjoys a snack at Roy Pope with Sutton Howard ’23 while studying for midterms

Jilli Carson, Social Media Editor

Midterms are done, and the second semester and new year has begun. With the new semester comes new grades, homework assignments, tests, and even new classes. Starting out the semester right comes with work, studying, and determination. Finding a place to study and get some school work done is a great start to the new year.

Starting out strong, my favorite place to go to get some work done is Sons of Liberty, located in downtown Fort Worth. Above all of the places on my list, Sons of Liberty has the most cozy and balanced environment for studying. From comfy couches to high top tables equipped with outlets, the seating options are endless. The coffee shop is never empty, but often not too busy, with the perfect amount of background noise and life to keep myself sane. The staff is always friendly, and I have never had a bad encounter with a fellow customer at Sons. The coffee is always good, and they have a wide variety of energy drinks, including teas and their own crafted energy drinks that are sure to keep you alert. Other than the slightly inconvenient location, I have no bad things to say about Sons of Liberty, and I will continue to go there throughout the new year.

Although I obviously have a favorite, it is always good to switch it up and welcome some new environments to my study schedule. Sometimes, if I want to go somewhere to get a few short assignments done or do something that is less tolling on my brain, I will visit somewhere like Roy Pope or Whole Foods. These locations, while a much different environment than your average coffee shop, have a lot to offer, including a large food and drink selection and some nice outdoor seating areas (if an outdoor seating area is a must for you, I also recommend giving Central Market a shot at being your study spot). Although I would rather go to Roy Pope than Whole Foods, they share similar characteristics, as they are both pretty casual and usually fairly busy. I would recommend going to either of these locations if you are looking to study with a friend or complete a few quick assignments while grabbing some lunch.

One final place that I would recommend giving a go is Fort Worth Coffee Company, located on Camp Bowie. Craft Coffee is pretty much your average coffee shop, and honestly doesn’t necessarily have any special or unique food or beverage to offer. Their coffee is fairly overpriced, and I don’t necessarily love the environment of the general seating area. The one characteristic of the shop that outshines all of these seeming negatives is the fact that they have personal study rooms. These rooms are secluded from the rest of the shop, and I can imagine providing the perfect environment for a hardcore study session. I haven’t been lucky enough to score one of these rooms before, but if I did, I would keep it to myself and wouldn’t leave it all day. Because this is my sole highlight of the coffee shop, it does land at the bottom of my list.