Mamaka Bowls Moves to Fort Worth


Audra Thomas

The “Mamaka Bowl” and “Maui Bowl” are delicious. Photo by Audra Thomas ’25

Audra Thomas, Reporter

Smoothie bowls… smoothies… and coffee. What could get any better than that? Mamaka Bowls opened in the spring of 2021. It is located in Westbend, off of University Drive, near Tyler’s. It is open from eight in the morning to eight in the evening, and it is closed on Sundays. The first location was opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas, then Waco, and now Fort Worth. Mamaka offers many different healthy options and uses fresh ingredients. The store is bright and colorful, so I just had to try it. 

Mamaka already gets points for its design. It looks very inviting because of the garage door on the exterior, which is normally opened when the temperature outside is nice. They have lots of fun seating options, like swings that hang both inside and outside. On the inside, all the employees were super nice and helpful.

 I ordered their signature “Mamaka Bowl” which had an acai base, strawberry, banana, mango, blueberry, almond milk, and topped with sliced strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and homemade granola. A small bowl is $8.50, and a regular is $10. I also ordered a popular bowl called the Pipeline. It had an acai base as well as strawberry, banana, chocolate almond milk, and peanut butter. It was topped with strawberries, cacao nibs, bananas, and homemade granola. The Mamaka Bowl was really good and tasted super fresh. It was the perfect amount of sweet but also tart. The homemade granola on top was really good and the fruit was also super refreshing. It was light and I think it tasted great. The Pipeline bowl was good, but I think that it was too sweet with the chocolate flavors and the sweet fruit and granola on top. It was good for the first few bites, but it soon became very sweet and dense. It was still good, but I wouldn’t order it again. I would give the Mamaka Bowl a solid 9/10, and the Pipeline was a good 7.5/10. 

Now, I also ordered a smoothie called the Maui Sunrise which had banana, mango, strawberry, and pineapple juice. The smoothies have one size and it costs $6.50. The smoothie was by far my favorite thing. It tasted very fresh and was super refreshing. I would give it a 9.5/10. However, I wish that there was a bigger size because it was pretty small for almost six dollars, but it was still fantastic.

Overall, I think that Mamaka is a great place to go. My only complaint would be the prices. It was a little expensive for three things, but the taste and freshness made up for it.