Let’s Savor Savor Patisserie Macaron


Lainey Liberto

These macarons were colorful and delicious.

Audra Thomas and Lainey Liberto

Over the weekend, we decided to try out some macarons from a dessert shop  on 7th Street called Savor Patisserie. Savor Patisserie is at 909 Currie Street. The inside of Savor Patisserie is well decorated and has cute decor around the bakery. It has a very nicely organized website to place your orders. They have 15 core flavors, five seasonal flavors, and at the moment, they have an additional five seasonal flavors which are a part of Savor Patisserie Valentine’s Day Collection on their menu. Savor Patisserie has many boxes to choose from. They have a Valentine’s Day Collection Box, The Winter Box, The Build-Your-Own Box, The One of Everything Box, The Rainbow Box, The Unicorn Box, The Classics Box, The Best-Sellers Box, The Dairy-Free Box, and Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes. A box of five macarons is $12, 10 macarons is $24, 15 macarons is $36, and a box of 20 macarons is $48. 

The front of the store is very inviting. (Lainey Liberto)

We ordered a box of 10 macarons. We got salted caramel, vanilla, raspberry, birthday cake, lavender, strawberry shortcake, rose, red velvet, mint chocolate, and lemon. We placed the order online and were able to put in the date and time we wanted to come pickup the macarons. When we went in to get them, they were very organized and had our macarons ready for us as soon as we arrived.

The first macaron we tried was salted caramel. It had salted caramel buttercream and caramel shells on the top. The macaron was very soft, and when we split it in half, it was very crinkly. However, the macaron was a little stale. We rated the salted caramel macaron a 9/10.                    

The second macaron we tried was vanilla. It had vanilla buttercream in the center and vanilla shells on top. The macaron tasted a lot like a wedding cake. It was very delicate and broke very easily. It was one of the softer macarons. Overall, we rated the vanilla macaron a 7/10.

The third macaron we tried was raspberry. It was dairy-free. The macaron had a dairy-free raspberry curd buttercream that filled the center and raspberry shells sprinkled on top. The macaron was very good and we really enjoyed it. We rated the raspberry a 10/10.

The fourth macaron we tried was birthday cake. In between the macaron was a white icing buttercream. On top of the macaron, there were white cake shells. Throughout the whole macaron, there were sprinkles. The sprinkles really made the birthday cake effect better. The macaron’s taste was not as good as we were expecting, but the presentation of the macaron was very nice. Unfortunately, the macaron had an aftertaste similar to cardboard.  We rated the birthday cake macaron a 6/10.

The fifth macaron that we tried was lavender. The lavender macaron had a vanilla buttercream in the middle and lavender infused shells on top of the macaron. The macaron did not taste as good as it looked. It tasted like we were eating lotion. The macaron was very dry, but it did smell good. Overall, we rated the lavender a 2/10.

The arrangement of the macarons in the store was unique. (Lainey Liberto)

 The sixth macaron we tried was a strawberry shortcake. The strawberry shortcake had a fresh strawberry buttercream in the middle of the macaron and angel food cake shells sprinkled on top. It tasted a lot like a J. Raes sugar cookie. The strawberry shortcake macaron was decorated very nicely and super pretty. We rated the strawberry shortcake an 8/10.

The seventh macaron we tried was rose, and it is a part of Savor Patisserie’s Valentine’s Day Collection. The filling in the macaron is a rose lemon buttercream and on top of it was rose-infused shells. The rose macaron was not our favorite because this one also tasted like lotion. We rated the rose a 2/10.

The eighth macaron we tried was red velvet, which was very soft and fluffy. The filling in between the macaron is a cream cheese buttercream, and there are chocolate shells on top. The red velvet tasted a lot like the red velvet bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. We rated the red velvet a 7/10. 

The ninth macaron we tried was mint chocolate, which was dairy-free. The macaron had a dairy-free chocolate ganache in the middle and mint shells on top of the macaron. Ithad a very strong taste of chocolate. The aftertaste was very strongly minty, almost like toothpaste.  We rate the mint chocolate macaron a 6/10.

The tenth and final macaron we tried was lemon. The lemon was a dairy-free macaron. The filling in it is a dairy-free lemon curd buttercream, topped with lemon shells. The lemon was definitely one of the better macarons we tried. We rated the lemon a 8/10.

We also had some freshmen try out the macarons. Joseph Kelly ‘25 tried the lemon, and he rated it a high 9.5 out of 10. Reesie Packer ‘25 tried the birthday cake, and she rated it an 8 out of 10.

The total for the box of ten macarons was $24. We think that the price is pretty fair, considering the price of some other macaron locations in Fort Worth. At Joy Macarons in Clearfork, a pack of 12 macarons is priced at $39. For only two macarons more, there is a 15 dollar difference between the two. We think that for Savor Patisserie, the price is a lot more reasonable, so that adds a few extra points to the overall rating. Savor Patisserie is open from 12-7 Sunday through Thursday, and 12-9 on Friday and Saturday. Overall, we really enjoyed most of the macarons. Some of them were stale, and some were soft. Our favorite macaron was definitely the raspberry and our least favorite macaron was probably the rose or lavender. We rate Savor Patisserie an 8 out of 10.