A “Shrek-tacular” Show

FWCD Produces “Shrek the Musical” this Weekend in Scott Theater


Natalie Bracken '05

Gracie Cross ’22 plays Pinocchio in this weekend’s production of “Shrek.”

Caroline Carmichael, Reporter

“Get Out of My Swamp!” 

Thirty-two students will participate in the theater department’s “Shrek the Musical,” which will take place on February 17, 18, and 19 at 7 pm along with Feb. 20 at 3 pm. 

This is US Theater Director Siouxsie Easter’s first time directing a musical at FWCD. She is the most excited to see the completed set, as she says it is incredible and so fun to watch it be put together. 

“I am so excited. And nervous,” Easter said “This is a BIG musical.” 

Students with leading roles include Vie Walker ‘22 as Shrek; Jazmine Gomez ‘22 as Fiona; Aramis Moreno ‘22 as Donkey; Nic Medaris ‘22 as Lord Farquaad; Sydney Cyprian ‘22 as Dragon; and Gracie Cross ‘22 as Pinocchio. In addition to tech theater students helping, Mary McGann ‘22, Belle Xu ‘24, Hannah Cheng ‘24, and Caroline Barlow ‘22 are assisting as a hair and makeup team. 

Easter shared her favorite part of the musical.

“The end. No, really, the end is full of great action and musical numbers,” Easter said.  “It takes a lot of people to make a successful musical. I am so grateful to my colleagues (Mrs. Beninate, Mr. Tysinger, Ms. Bracken, Mrs. Gullo, Mrs. Flaherty, and Mrs. Ypya) for all they are doing and for keeping me laughing,” Easter said. 

Sadie Schuster ‘22 is playing teen Fiona, the Gingerbread Man, and the Sugarplum Fairy. 

“I think this is one of, if not the most, challenging musicals I’ve ever been a part of at FWCD, and although that is the case, it is also the most fun one that I’ve ever been a part of,” Schuster said. “Mrs. Easter has been an amazing director and has been so supportive with all of our other activities going on outside of the musical.” 

The musical is directed by US Theater Director Siouxsie Easter with the help of assistant director Sydney Cyprian ‘22. Cyprian also assisted dance teacher Natalie Bracken ‘05 with the choreography, along with Lilah Firestone ‘25. Allie Cross ’24 is the stage manager. Retired theater and art teacher Tricia Franks is doing the costumes, and Theater Manager Eric Tysinger will be working tech along with the help of his tech theater students. Patti Del Sordo is the musical designer, and Aimee Hurst Bozarth is music director. Look for Bozarth’s husband, former US and MS orchestra director Rex Bozarth, playing in the orchestra pit each night.