Campus Store Comes to Fort Worth Country Day


Maya Witzel

Falcons enjoy going to the campus store during breaks.

Maya Witzel, Reporter

The Campus Store has been a long established part of Fort Worth Country Day. Students of FWCD have always gone to the Campus Store for their needs: whether it’s a cold day and they need a sweatshirt, they forgot a shirt for sports, or they need some extra school supplies.

The Campus Store used to be a walk-up store, located in the Round Gym close to the Martin Center, but it has recently undergone a renovation. It moved down the hallway, closer to the boys locker room, and is now a walk-in store. Michael Carmody, Director of Auxiliary Programs, and Tom Mitchell, Chief Financial Officer at FWCD, came up with the idea and put it into action. Plant Ops started demolition and construction earlier this year, and the store had a soft opening on January 20.

The new store looks modern and bright in contrast to the old store, and it has a much better display of items as well. Snacks and drinks have been added, so students now have an alternative to the feeder. The new display is perfect for the new merchandise the store has added, such as redesigned hoodies, t-shirts, cups, and hats. Carmody designs all the new products and then works with Caleb Parker, Manager of Auxiliary Programs, to order and stock.

Debbie Chapa used to run the old campus store, but the new and improved store is run by Parker. Parker came to FWCD in 2019 as the Auxiliary Programs Manager. However, after having a child, he became a stay-at-home dad for a year. He then came back in 2021, maintaining his original title, and also began coaching the JV Baseball team. He hopes to continue working with Fort Worth Country Day for the foreseeable future. 

“I love the community here,” said Caleb Parker, “I’m glad to be here more often.”

Students are enjoying the new Campus Store and how convenient it is.

“I love going to the new Campus Store,” Sadie Peterson ’25 said, “It’s perfect for when I need something quickly.”

The Campus Store is open from 8 a.m-1 p.m. and from 2 p.m.-4 p.m.