Teachers Love their Pets

Here at Fort Worth Country Day, we love pets! These past few weeks we have researched teachers’ pets. There is a wide variety of pets from dogs and cats to turtles and horses. 

Middle School seventh grade science teacher Jimmy Brockway has a bundle of pets. He has a new 13-week-old Australian Shepherd whose name is Remi. He also has another dog, Penelope, a border collie mix. In his classroom, one might notice the rather large tank of fish as well. 

The Chisholm family has two dogs, a bichon and an Australian shepherd, named Taylor and Bentley. They have a hamster named Wyatt and two horses, Annie and Scarlett. Their bald python is named Viper, and two chickens, Faith and Lou. 

James and Jackie Rains have two cats named Tiger and Zanny, and exactly 25 cows. Fun fact that Lisa Wallace and her daughter Bailee Wallace’14, both have cats born on the Rains ranch.

Middle School history teacher Aaron Hoover has a German shepherd whose name is Thor and he is 7. Apparently, he took the dog in after its mom and dad passed. 

Eighth grade math teacher Robin Willis has two dogs that are mutts, both seven years old

Lower School science teacher Barbara Meyers has six geckos, a tortoise named Tortilla, a tarantula named Rosie, many betta fish, a monkey frog, and has just hatched chicks. 

Middle School Spanish teacher Debby Arnold has a corgi and a half labrador, half great pyrenees. Both are two years old and their names are Bonnie and Scout.  

Upper School geometry teacher Cindy Keller has a dog and a cat. The dog’s name is Kimber and Stilts is the cat’s name. 

Librarian Tammy Wolford has a terrier mix named Roadie. 

Choir teacher Erin Ypya has a dog named Esmerelda who they call Izzy for short. She has one brown eye and one blue eye and she is a pound puppy. She is 14 years old.