The Ninth Grade Class Takes on the Fort Worth Zoo


Audra Thomas '25

The giraffes in their habitat.

Lainey Liberto and Audra Thomas

On Wednesday May 4, the freshman class ventured to the Fort Worth Zoo on a biology trip. The students were assigned a scavenger hunt around the zoo, where they had to take pictures of certain animals with certain requirements and submit them on an app called Goose Chase. They were at the zoo all day long, while the junior and senior students were taking AP tests, and the sophomores were all in Washington, D.C. 

“The zoo was really fun and it was a good way to learn about animals and ecology. My favorite animals at the zoo were the flamingos,” Sophie Tam ‘25 said. 

Sloan Howard ’25 blowing a kiss to a rhino for the scavenger hunt. (Lainey Liberto ’25)

The scavenger hunt had 36 different tasks located around the zoo. The class was split into 23 different groups with 4 to 6 members in each group. The freshman had free range of the whole zoo. 

The zoo had many different activities for the freshman to do. When they were done with the scavenger hunt, many students rode the train, enjoyed the good food, and some even paid to attend the splash pad. 

Jackson Blommendal ’25 and Sam Dodson ’25 in Stingray Cove. (Connor Davidson ’25)

“It was really enjoyable to be with my friends and have a fun time at the zoo,” Luke Mitchell ‘25 said.

There were nine chaperones that accompanied the ninth grade class. The chaperones included Sherri Reed, Kathryn Perkins, Mark Lichaj, Quinton Davis, Molly Risewick, Bob Booth, Jocelyn Cipolaro, Colin Douglas, and Laura Hayes. 

“It was the greatest day of my life,” Lichaj said. Lichaj’s favorite animals at the zoo were the giraffes. 

A mother elephant and her baby at the zoo. (Lainey Liberto ’25)

The ninth grade students really enjoyed the zoo and the scavenger hunt.

“I rate my zoo experience a 10/10,” Reesie Packer ‘25 said. “I loved walking around the zoo and my favorite animal to see were the monkeys.” 

Jackson Blommendal ’25, Sam Dodson ’25, and Jake Rollins ’25 posing for their picture for the scavenger hunt. (Connor Davidson ’25)