What’s New in Homecoming 2022


Lisa Wallace

Student Council created a Homecoming banner to share the theme of the dance with student body.

Maya Marques, Reporter

Homecoming is coming up on September 23, and many people in school have not had the opportunity to have a “normal Homecoming,” since the last two years the dances have been affected by Covid, so these are the basics one would need to know. 

The biggest question many people have is: how does homecoming work? Well, it has many leading events, such as: dressing up in theme, buying dresses, wearing mums (or sweatpants) to school, and watching the football game. 

“Do all the things we consider as self care, so relax,” Student Council Coordinator Jennifer Giroir said. Giroir is the one that plans everything for homecoming and looks over all of the Student Council.

This can mean getting nails and hair done, showering, shaving, and doing all that is necessary to feel ready for the dance. Also there is some etiquette that one should follow in order to not get suspended. 

“You should not drink or do drugs… before or after the dance,” Giorir said.  

Don’t do anything that’s illegal, because a Homecoming dance is not worth giving up a future career, and there are breathalyzers before and after. Also unlike popular belief, having a date to Homecoming is not necessary. Yes it has its perks, but it is not needed for a person to go to the dance.

“It’s okay to go alone and if you don’t want to be alone you can go with friends,” Andrea Andrade ‘24 said.  

Being involved with the dance is one of the most important parts of Homecoming and there are plenty of things one could do. 

“Try to be involved in school, have fun, don’t try to be too cool for school,” Walker Gaines ‘24 said.  

Going with friends is a great option and some would say it’s even more fun. So yes, Homecoming can be important to many people, but it should not be stressful.

“Take that leap of faith, and put yourself out there,” Giroir said.