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  • November 27Make Sure to Stay to the Left when Going to Lunch
  • November 15Frankie Leoni '26 Chosen as the Only Keyboard player in the TPSMEA Jazz Band!
  • November 15Sign Up for the Falcon Ivories Piano Club
  • November 152nd Graders @ the Ropes Course from 12:30-2:30 tmrw. Show up if you have E Period Free
  • November 15Check GroupMe for the Lunch Menu
  • November 15Volunteer Hours Available for the Planting of Daffodils
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The student news site of Fort Worth Country Day

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The student news site of Fort Worth Country Day

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Caroline King
Caroline King, Video Reporter
What’s up guys, it’s Caroline King. This is my third year on video staff and I am editor in chief. In my free time, I enjoy frolicking in the fields with my boyfriend Ian Bothwell, who is very near and dear to my heart.I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. My spirit animal is a golden retriever, but I wish I could swim like a pufferfish. I play field hockey, soccer and track. I wish I could do cartwheels and somersaults because they would really add to my frolicking. When I get hungry, I like to nibble on burritos and beans. All in all, I am so excited to make some great videos with my great buddies. Please feel free to email me: [email protected]

Connor Davidson
Connor Davidson, Video Reporter
Hey fellas, my name is Connor Davidson and this is my second year on the video staff, so I’m pretty hyped for this year. My favorite sport is football because I love hanging out with sweaty dudes, as that’s what I grew up doing and it is one of my core memories. My favorite movie is “Dirty Grandpa,” and in my free time I love having tea parties with all of my life-sized pillows, because they don’t mouth off to me. If I had to choose three items to take to a desert island, I would bring a cheeseburger, a rubix cube, and a fully grown male orangutan. My idol is Aiden Biotte, because he gets sweatier than everyone combined out of the football field. Finally, if I had to choose my favorite part about FWCD, it would be all of the crickets, because they make all of the other children uncomfortable.  [email protected]

Reese Packer
Reese Packer, Video Reporter
Hey everyone my name is Reesie Packer and this is my third year on the video staff. As you may know I am dating my fellow video staff member, Connor Davidson. You can catch me at Canes or Chick-fil-A after school getting a large Coke. I love the beach, especially Turks and Caicos. I am so excited for the release of Zach Bryan’s new album.  I can’t wait to see what this year brings. [email protected] 

Sloan Howard
Sloan Howard, Video Reporter
Hi guys. My name is Sloan Howard, and this is my second (or third) year on staff. In my free time, I love hanging with my boyfriend, Jacob Mainord, who goes to our rival school TVS. I think it's fun having a boyfriend from a different school. It keeps me on my toes. My favorite sport is volleyball because it's super fun and I love playing with all my friends. My sister, Sutton, is throwing at Oklahoma State this year, but don't worry, I don't feel any of the pressure. My top three favorite teachers at Country Day are Mr. Stackhouse, Mrs. Giroir, and Mr. Douglas. They’ve all been very nice to me all these years. I’m looking forward to talking with Webb Mooring and hanging out with the cool seniors this year.   [email protected]
Cristiana Collins
Cristiana Collins, Video Reporter
What's up y'all it's Crustiana Collins. This is my third year on video staff and I'm an editor. My favorite thing in the world are burritos. I've been single my whole life and am looking for some to change that. My favorite weekend activity is going to Curly’s at midnight. During the summer I work as a lifeguard because I love to watch little kids try to swim. I have two rat dogs named Lily and Daisy that love to lick my mouth. Finally, I'm so excited to make some crazy videos this year. Email me please: [email protected]

Luke Mitchell
Luke Mitchell, Video Reporter
Hey friends, I am Luke Mitchell. The last couple of years I have been grinding a game called Galaxy of Heroes with my brother Lane tucked in my bed. I have been playing the game for the last three years and it makes me so happy. I have a lot of interests but one of my favorites to play and watch is water polo. I love to see my peers playing and have a fun time. But my favorite thing ever is Christian McCaffrey. I watch his highlight reels every night all night. And to be honest with y’all, these past couple of years I have been missing this girl that I used to date in third grade named Sloan Howard.
Sam Dodson
Sam Dodson, Video Reporter
Hey fellow roblox gamers? My name is Sam Dodson, but y’all may know me as Scamwell, I am in the eleventh grade. I recently broke up with my girlfriend Julie… we have been broken up since August 1, 2023. I recently have been seeing my doctor a lot, Dr. Lupo. If you are wondering how I got the nickname scamwell, well that’s for another time… My favorite food is escargot, which you can commonly find me eating with my dog Leo. My favorite place at school is the men's room where I used to hang out with an elf but he graduated. I also miss the nighttime stories with my sister I dearly miss, Jayne. I want to be a Chinese Diplomat. [email protected]

Jack Homan
Jack Homan, Video Reporter
Hello cool cats my name is Jack Rains Homan. I love one thing in this world and it's my queen (Lainey). I have two siblings. My favorite one is Harrison, and I just love to tuck him in and give a good night kiss. I go to school at Fort Worth Country Day where I am in the 11th grade, go falcons (bird noises). My favorite class is a video where the homies and I get to work. I am currently trying to date Red Reagan 06. My favorite drop spot is OG Tilted where it goes down. The place I love to visit the most is my bath tub where I scrubadubdub in my tub. My favorite food is pigs feet. That's just a little information on me. If you want to find me just rub some upper deckie gummies together and I will spawn. [email protected]
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