Christopher Hoppe: Influencing the FWCD Community

Caroline Sanders

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Lisa Wallace

Christopher Hoppe ’21 and classmate Paloma Casanova ’21 lead the new student orientation in August.

Christopher Hoppe is a junior at Fort Worth Country Day and will be graduating with the class of 2021. Known by many of his peers as “Choppe,” he has been a student at FWCD since kindergarten and enjoys getting involved in the school’s community. 

Link Crew is a program designed to help guide freshmen through their first year in high school. Usually, two upperclassmen are paired with ten freshmen, meeting around twice a month during the school year. Holt Smith ‘23 gave insight on his experience on having Hoppe as his Link Crew Leader.

“It’s fun having Christopher as my Link Crew leader. He always makes the Link Crew meeting interesting and different each time. Christopher is very spontaneous, so we never really know what’s going to happen next,” Smith said.

Along with being a Link Crew leader, Hoppe plays tennis in the spring and is involved in the Robotics Club, Tutoring Club, and Competitive Programming Club. He is a dedicated member of the Student Council and is known by many for his fun announcements every week. 

“When I was younger I loved building with Legos,” Hoppe said. “Now, I’m doing projects in the team room with Dr. Uhr that I really enjoy. I also participate in competitive programming competitions and work with lower school students in the Tutoring Club.”

Along with having a younger brother in middle school, both of Hoppe’s parents are part of the FWCD faculty. His mother, Teresa Hoppe, works in the Lower School as a learning specialist, and his father, Dave Hoppe, is the chair of the Math Department and teaches in the Upper School. Hoppe has said that his favorite class is Honors Physics with John Cordell. 

Hoppe wanted to conclude this feature with a joke. Though some may not be able to understand, Hoppe was adamant in including it in this story. 

“A man has fallen into the river in Lego City…”

If you know the answer to this joke, please reach out to Christopher Hoppe and share your thoughts.