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Maya’s Top Ten Most Awaited books of 2024

Maya Marques
Evie Blan ’27 with her 2024 TBR

All This Twisted Glory – Tahereh Mafi (February 6)

If you don’t know Tehereh Mafi, you really should. “All This Twisted Glory” is Mafi’s third book in her new fantasy collection, the “This Woven Kingdom” series. This book has beautiful settings, roots in Persian mythology, magic, lovable characters, dragons, and much more. I even hosted my own book discussion on the first book of this series earlier in the year, so I definitely recommend this book to get your year started on a good note. She is also my favorite author, so I’m excited to find out what happens next in her stories.


 The Book of Love – Kelly Link (February 13) 

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Link is mostly known for her beautiful ability to write short stories. Now, her patiently awaited debut novel is coming out. Mystery, fantasy, and filled with adventure. Three dead kids in a small town trying to figure out how they died. This book lies in the fantastical genre and it sounds so interesting to me. I have enjoyed Link’s short stories in the past, so I am excited to see what her novel will be like. I had never read anything of hers before, but I am excited to see if I will enjoy this book because the blurb has already caught my attention. 


The Prisoners Throne – Holly Black (March 5) 

The second book of its duology, you might remember that I wrote a review of this book’s predecessor, “The Stolen King.” Holly Black has an amazing ability to capture the world of the fae in such a digestible way that leaves the reader amazed and excited. She is known for many books but most notably “The Cruel Prince,” which is the first three books that take place in the same universe as the prisoners throne and its antecedent. I’m excited to read this second book because I have waited patiently for it for way too long now. And hey, maybe I’ll even write a review on it once I’m done.


Until August – Gabriel Garcia Márquez (March 12) 

No, I did not just choose this book because the author has the same last name as I. “Until August” tells a story of a woman driven by the desire to cheat on her husband, and every August she goes ahead and does just that. This book sounds like a fun read that explores the sensuality of women and empowerment in its extreme. I like to mix up what I read from time to time, and although I am not keen on the idea of cheating, I want to see where this new genre will take me. 


The Reappearance of Rachel Price – Holly Jackson (April 2) 

Best known for “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder,” Holly Black strikes again with a new murder mystery, now following the story of Bel as she tries to solve the tragic story of her mother’s (Rachel) disappearance through the lens of a true crime documentary.  I’ll be honest, I only liked the first book of AGGGTM, and the rest didn’t really catch my attention, but I really did like the first one, so I’m willing to give Jackson a second chance. 


The Familiar – Leigh Bardugo (April 9) 

 Notably known for “Six of Crows,” Bardugo now explores the ancient Spanish world as she writes magical characters trying to fix problems they did not cause… sound familiar? Well if it does it probably is because that is the plot of most of Bardugo’s books. It is your stereotypical fantasy novel that can be repetitive, but also comforting at the same time. I never read “Six of Crows” and I really didn’t understand its hype, but I do like the sound of a story taking place in Madrid, so I’m willing to give this a chance. 


My Darling Dreadful Thing – Johanna van Veen (May 14) 

A story of falling in love with a spirit nobody sees but you. Gothic and unsettling, Venn navigates love through the lens of the dead, this in turn makes the main character seem crazy to all around her. She is now tasked with proving to the police, not only her innocence, but also her sanity. I love this idea of a dark and romantic novel that explores sanity through words. I’m excited to dissect the literary devices and read between the lines of what is going on in this story. 


The Midnight Feast – Lucy Foley (June 18) 

This book is like a twist on the written version of the game Clue. Foley is known for her murder mysteries, but this one explores five characters as they explore who will survive this luxurious manor they all have been trapped in. Honestly, I just chose this book because the characters reminded me of the game Clue. Although there is not much out about this book yet, I think it deserves some more hype before its release. 


The Grandest Game – Jennifer Lynn Barnes (July 30) 

I really don’t know when this series will ever end. “The Inheritance Games” saga should have ended after the third book in my opinion… So why is this book on the list, you ask? Well, dear reader, it is because I have the innate desire to read all the books of the series because of my love for Grayson Hawthorne. You heard me right, all of this for the one who was cast aside in the other books. This story follows Avery as she leads a series of mind games “Hunger Games” style, except the death… I think… A new era with new characters, what could go wrong…


The Life Impossible – Matt Haig (September 3) 

Author of “The Midnight Library,” Matt Haig now jumps into a new adventure full of life and warmth. I had read “The Midnight Library” a few years ago. I can remember exactly where I was when I finished that book. In my bed, hugging my favorite stuffed animal, with tears pouring out of me. It was painful, yet beautiful, fantastical yet relatable. All in all a great book, he is one of the only male authors I have actually enjoyed, seeing as he is the only man on this list… I am excited to jump into this new book and I am interested in seeing Matt’s evolution in writing. 

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