Guba Creates a New Path


Jilli Carson, Reporter

Travis Guba, US Director of Theater, has quite an interesting story and is ready to create a new path for himself after being at Fort Worth Country Day for two years. Before coming to FWCD, Guba was a performing arts teacher at Wildwood School in Santa Monica, California. Guba was a professional actor and also engaged in photography and videography. Guba’s short film, “Taken In,” was featured in November at the Lone Star Film Festival, and will soon be available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Before becoming a teacher in Santa Monica, Guba was a “military child” and traveled all over the world, following his parents. 

“I was born in New Jersey and grew up mainly in Germany and Holland,” Guba said. “Growing up in different cultures allows you to see how individual people live. I was able to learn that everyone has different views and ideas on everything. Just because you do something one way does not mean that everyone will agree with you or think the same way as you do, and I’m glad I was able to learn that at such a young age.”

After moving to Los Angeles and working as a theater director, Guba started getting some bigger acting jobs. He may even be featured in some of the shows and movies that you know.

 “The biggest movie that I have probably worked on was “The Dark Knight Rises,” Guba said, “and the biggest job I have had so far was being the host of a Nickelodeon show. I would introduce my colleagues on the show with me… ‘hey come out here stinky,’” Guba said. “You might recognize me as the banana [on the show Hilary and Zach on Nick Jr.].”

Guba also spoke about some smaller gigs he has had; he was an extra on popular shows like “Parks and Rec,” and “Young Sheldon.” He has also been featured in some commercials such as a Taco Bell commercial he worked on in 2000, which he describes as his “big break.”

Guba came to Fort Worth Country Day in 2019 and was the theater director for two years. He directed “The Drowsy Chaperone,” “Thirteen Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview,” and a student-written musical called “Stumbling Along.”

“Working with the young actors and actresses of Country Day was something that I really enjoyed,” Guba said. “I can see a lot of them moving on to do some pretty big things, and I can hope that some of them follow in my footsteps.”

Travis Guba is moving on from his teaching career at FWCD and has some pretty big plans and aspirations for the future, and with his resume and experience, none of his goals are out of the question. 

“I really want to focus on my writing and film production,” Guba said. “I also want to work at the university level of teaching and acting. I am excited to see what the future holds.”