Juniors and Seniors Participated in College Day Online


Harrison Kemmer ’23 on zoom with The University of Alabama

Elizabeth Dike, Reporter

On Friday, September 10, the juniors and seniors participated in college day online. College day began over 17 years ago, even before Kristin Vaughn Larsen, the current director of college counseling was here. 

College day facilitates conversations between students and administrators of the colleges of their choice. Usually, this event happens in person; however, the past two years, college day has been online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Online college day serves the same purpose as college day in person and is a great alternative,” Larsen said.

Because it was online, students could be maskless.This gave college administrators the ability to match a name to a face. Administrators from 155 colleges took part in the Zoom meetings. Not only were colleges represented at the fair, but there were also students from schools in the Fort Worth area. Including Trinity Valley School, All Saints Episcopal School, Oakridge, and the  Breakthrough Fort Worth program attending along with FWCD students.

“I think College Day really allowed me to compare my options and ask questions that pertained to my personal interests,” Reagan Weeks ‘22 said.

College day benefits students every year in different ways and will continue whether it’s virtual or in-person.

Students watch and listen to a college representative’s presentation.